Angels Heroes


by Laura from Drayton Valley

“Sticks and stones will break my bones and words will never hurt me” is simply not true. Neither is the saying, “If you ignore bullying it will go away”. Bullying is an unjust, cruel thing in the world and, if we had a choice, would not exist.

As a victim of bullying, I know firsthand the truth of how it feels. There are no real words to explain it. One who is bullied has a large weight on their shoulders, an unhappy face, and most of all, the feeling that they’re not liked. The feelings are like a pop can, when shaken and then opened it will explode.

My hero did what no one else would do because of the risks involved. She stood up, said that it was not right, comforted me and when I needed a witness, she was there. Her name is Christina. We have been best friends since we were born.

People wrote on my locker mean words such as homo and said I had diseases. They would throw me against a locker or force me to hug, or rub a back of a person that I didn’t like. Everything of mine was wrecked if I left it in an unattended teacher’s room. One time I did a social studies project that was a First Nation fort. People witnessed the bullies pushing down the walls of it. Another time they held a vote to see if I should be kicked out of class while the teacher was gone. Rumours spread around quicker than a cheetah. Screaming and running could be heard if I was forced to be their partner for gym. Pieces of paper would be deliberately thrown at me. Life at school was dreadful. In fact, I would miss going to school deliberately because of them.

Christina made it stop even if it meant her being bullied. She motivated me to not commit suicide. If I needed to talk, she was there for me, even in her busy schedule. I know that through experience that Christina will never bully, even if it means risking her life. I owe everything to her and there are no words to explain how she got me back on track.

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Extra Info

In her free time, Christina dances and plays the piano. At school she is popular because of her kind and generous heart.