Teachers Heroes

Cindy Faye Hardy

by Hannah from Shippensburg

When you think of a hero who do you think of? I think of someone who enjoys helping others, someone who is an important part of my life and someone who pushes me to succeed. To be a hero you don’t have to be someone famous. You just need to be someone who can make a great difference in the lives of others. My hero is my mother.

My mother (Cindy Hardy) loves to help others. She is a teacher’s aide at The Shippensburg Area Intermediate School. Therefore she helps the students in her classes with their school work. Sometimes the kids just need a little extra push to make them get the work done. She is a much respected person at her job. Everyone enjoys being around her and working with her. She is a hard working person both at work and in her free time. She has helped anyone with anything no matter when or what it is. She would volunteer her time helping an elderly man during his last few months. She would feed him and help him into bed and do the things that he just couldn’t do on his own. That’s one of the things that makes my mom a hero to me.

My mother is also a very important part of my life. She has been through a lot with me in the past year. She goes to all my doctor’s appointments with me and helps me out emotionally along the way. I lean on her for support and advice to get through the things that I am going through. She keeps me calm and lets me know that everything will be ok. For example, when I had my car accident my mom was already at work and I called her and she was there so quick I don’t even know how she got there that fast. She held on to me and made sure that I was alright. She always comes to my rescue. She is my best friend.

Lastly, my mom is my hero because she pushes me to succeed. She has been pushing me to get my college scholarships done and to get good grades in my senior year. She refuses to let me give up. Honestly I think that if she wasn’t there I would have given up by now. Sometimes when things just get too hard or I just get too stressed out, I want to give up but she urges me to get it done.

In my eyes my mom is a hero. She helps others before thinking of herself, she is an important part of my life, and she pushes me to succeed. In my eyes that's what it takes to be a hero. Anyone can be a hero if they just try. Although she might not be famous I think there is more than just one person out there that would say my mom is a hero.

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