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Clara Barton

by Sydney from Austin

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Clara Barton

Heroes are everywhere. Heroes have different characteristics but I chose Clara Barton because she was a Civil War nurse and cared about others, not just herself.

Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. She was named Clarissa Harlow Barton. When she was three she surprised her teacher by spelling artichoke on the first day. She was very shy and timid. She ran away from snakes and was scared of thunder storms. But she loved listening to her father’s war stories. When she was eleven, her brother David fell off the barn roof. She became his nurse and fed him.

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In 1861 the Civil War began, and at that time girls couldn’t join the army. She wondered if there was a way to help her country. Clara was shocked when she saw a Massachusetts soldier attacked while traveling to Washington. But even worse, the army didn’t have enough food so Clara took baskets of supplies to the Massachusetts soldiers. She finally found a way to help.

Clara settled in Geneva Switzerland. There she met a doctor named Louis Apia who told her about a group called the Red Cross. The group was formed to help soldiers in battles. To show they were part of the group they wore badges that had a red cross on them. In 1870 France went to war, and Clara became a part of the Red Cross helping French soldiers. In 1912, she died. People remember her as a person who devoted her life to others.

I picked my hero Clara because she cared about everyone, not just herself. She wanted to make people feel better. Many lives are better because of my hero, Clara Barton.

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