Clara Hale

by Christine

Clara Hale (
Clara Hale (

A hero, to me, is someone who is there for you when you need them. I also think that a hero is someone who is brave and will do almost anything for you. Or maybe a hero is just someone that means a lot to you.

Clara Hale is a woman who took care of over 800 kids that had no mothers or fathers, or whose parents didn’t want their kids. She did this throughout her entire life. I chose Clara Hale because she was there for all those kids who needed someone to be there for them, and because she dedicated her whole life to taking care of kids.

Clara Hale was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1905. She grew up with a lot of other kids besides just her brothers and sisters, because her mom took care of all the neighbor's kids. Soon after, Clara Hale followed in her mom's footsteps and started taking care of kids also.

Clara Hale took care of 800 kids throughout her life, of which, about 22-25 had AIDS. While Clara was taking care of everyone else’s kids, she still had to worry about taking care of her own kids. Clara Hale didn’t have a job besides taking care of the neighborhood kids, and that barely provided her with enough money to feed herself and the children. Consequently, she didn’t have a very nice home or nice clothes. But to Clara, none of that mattered as long as she was helping people.

Clara is a role model to me because she dedicated her whole life to taking care of all kinds of kids. She never gave up and she never turned her back on an unwanted child, no matter who they were, or what they had, or even who their parents were. Another reason [she is a role model to me] is because she continued taking care of kids 'till the day she died. And she even inspired her daughter to take care of kids also; now Clara’s dream of helping others will stay alive and continue to inspire other people.

I choose Clara Hale because she was a big inspiration to me because of all the wonderful things that she has done for everyone. I hope that I can be a wonderful person like she was, and I hope that I can do all the wonderful things that she has done.

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