Clare of Assisi

by Gressa from Jakarta

Clare of Assisi

Clare was born in Assisi, 16 July 1194. Her father’s name was Favorino Scifi. He was the Count of Sasso-Rosso. He owned a large palace in Assisi and a castle on the slope of Mount Subasio. Her mother, Ortolana, came from Fiumi’s noble family, and was very devout. Clare was rich and beautiful.

Since she was a young girl, Clare had been devoted to being a pious girl. She was most devoted to prayer. One day, St. Francis came to San Giorgio to preach in the church. His words kindled a flame in Clare’s heart and she immediately approached him to help her live in the manner of the holy Gospel. St. Francis recognized Clare as God’s chosen girl, who would be a missionary for a great purpose, so he promised to help her.

Clare was always eager and resolved to serve Jesus totally with her entire life. One night, when Assisi was deserted, Clare escaped from her palace through "the door of the dead." The door was called "the door of the dead” because it was only used to carry out a corpse. She left her glamorous life to serve and love her beloved Jesus Christ. She went to the house of the Franciscans.

The day after, her family was frightened and they tried to find Clare. After they knew where Clare was, they convinced her to go home. Her father expected her to get married. But it didn’t change Clare’s mind. Even her sister, Agnes, joined her. Later Clare’s mother, friends, and several members of the wealthy family also joined them.

Clare formed a community of poor women known as The Poor Clares. The rule of their life was based on the ideals of St. Francis. They had no beds, ate very little, and only ate the food they begged for. The community of the Poor Clares continues to this day.

When the war broke in 1234, her monastery was assaulted by a group of soldiers. Clare, who was sick, ran to the monastery accompanied by the nuns. She raised the Blessed Sacrament, and suddenly the soldiers went back and the nuns were safe. That’s why St. Clare is generally symbolized by an image of a nun with a ciborium.

She died on 11 August 1253, so the feast of St. Clare is celebrated on 11 August. The church of Santa Chiara was built to remember St. Clare.

I chose Saint Clare as my hero because of her courage in leaving all of her secular luxury in exchange for total poverty in her faith in Jesus. She becomes a light for all people looking for Jesus. Every time I feel too tired to try, too afraid to take a step, too sorrowful to accept, I look back on Saint Clare’s life, my hero, my star, who leads me back to my aspiration.

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