Explorers Heroes

Christopher Columbus

by Harrison from Mobile

Some heroes are movie stars or something else but other heroes are historical. Historical heroes have paved the way for modern heroes. Christopher Columbus is a hero who portrays the characteristics of questioning and posing problems, creating and trustworthiness.

Columbus showed the habit of questioning and posing problems. First, he questioned what he would find if he went to sail out as far as he could. Second, he had the problem of getting the men and equipment. He had to go to the king to get the men and ships to sail. Third, he had the problem of surviving in the new land when their first colony, Navidad, was destroyed. If he did not question and pose problems, America might not have been found until later years.

He also used creating, imagining and innovating. First, he imagined what the world around his country would be. Second, he created ideas about what was outside the world. Third, Columbus created a colony in the new land. He tried new ideas that he proved were correct.

Columbus was trustworthy. First, he was trusted by his men when he started the first colony. Second, Queen Isabel and King Fernando agreed to Columbus's demands, showing that they trusted him. Third, he was trusted by the king with all the ships. Columbus was trusted by the royal family which means he must have been trustworthy.

Columbus is a good hero because of his questioning, imagining and his creating. Also he is trustworthy. He was able to start America’s first colony. These characteristics were some of the characteristics that made him a historical hero.

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