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Christopher Columbus

by Jakob from Longmont

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus

Do you like America? Then you should listen to this story. Christopher Columbus was hero because he was determined, brave, and brought change.

The first heroic quality he had was that he was determined. He never stopped his mission. When he and his crew were captured by the Indians, because he and his crew had invaded their land, Columbus and some of his crew ran away. They took the boat back home to go tell the king and queen about the new country and about the fact that the world was not flat.

The scond thing he had was bravery. On his voyage, he went through lots of storms all across the Atlantic Ocean and he almost crashed all his boats because the thunder storms were hitting one of their boats and starting it on fire. When they arrived at this new land, he had to fight the Indians there so he could walk around out on the land so he could see what it was like. He needed to fight for his crew and they left there in freedom.

The third thing he had was that he had the will to bring change. He proved that the world was not flat because all the people in his country thought it was flat but he proved it was round not flat. He discover a new land that we call America and many people moved there and started a new life.

All in all, Christopher Columbus was a great explorer in his time. He was the one who found our land, today called America. He was determined, brave, and he brought change.

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