Barry Commoner

by Emily

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Barry Commoner was a hero in many eyes. He was an environmentalist who alerted the world about some of earth’s problems. He was also called an Environmental Activist.

Barry Commoner was born in 1917, in Brooklyn, NY were he was interested science and plants. Later he went to Columbia College, where he studied ecology, then went to Harvard for graduate school. Now he is 88 years old and still considered the “Paul Revere of Ecology.”

Barry Commoner did many things in his life for one he realized the problems caused by nuclear activities and its influences on the environment and humans. He found that radio activity “builds up” in people until they get sick and usually die. His helpful research was rewarded by the nuclear test-band treaty

Barry Commoner wrote many books about the environment his latest called “Making Peace with the Planet” is about the problems caused by people and how to help the earth. Many years after Mr. Commoner did all of his research on the planet he realized something horrible, unless people did not help make the world a better place it would be unsuitable for human life in several years. His statement changed people’s ways and many people took action that is why we are still all alive. Although not all of our problems have been solved yet we need to keep working to stay alive on our home planet.

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I find that Barry Commoner is a hero because of the work he did for the world. I, myself, love the environment so I honor the incredible things he’s done for mankind and all of earth’s creatures. His warning to the earth made a difference, if you ever ask your parents or grandparents about how people treated the environment when they were kids you would see a difference. Back then people didn’t recycle and litter was every where, cities were dirty and filled with billboards and smog. Even if there are still problems now the past was worse and for that we should be thankful. Finally we should always remember not to think only about ourselves and what’s best for us but for what’s best for the whole entire world. It’s the only place we have.

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