Animal Conservationists

by Nick from San Diego

To some people, a hero is someone that is famous or has superpowers. To me, it is someone that does extremely good things because they want to, and my hero is pretty much any animal conservationist. They save animals from the jagged claws of extinction. They save the wondrous creatures that make this world interesting. For that, they're my heroes.

A few animals that conservationists have saved in the past and are currently trying to saving are: the condors, bald eagles, apes, otters, sea turtles, tigers, panda bears, whales, elephants and snow leopards. Most of these animals are pretty cool and it's good that the animal conservationists are trying to help.

Pretend there is a cliff with a board half on, half off it. There is an otter (my favorite animal) on the center of the board. The endless abyss below the cliff resembles extinction. While the hunters and fur stylists are pounding and jumping on the end of the board that will teeter it into the crevasse, the animal conservationists are the weights on the other side. They save animals on the brink of extinction. That's important to me. That's why they're my heroes.

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Author Info

My name is Nick and I live in San Diego, California. As you can tell from my report, I'm crazy about otters, and that is what led to me choosing this subject. I am also concerned about the environment and the animals that live in it, so that's why I chose this topic.