Animal Conservationists

by Breanna from Middletown

INCOMING!!! There goes the next tree in the rain forest. Does anyone care about the animals that live there? The Lemur and the St.Vincent parrot are similar in many ways. They are both two animals that are being studied. Trees are quickly getting cut down in their habitats. These animals are endangered, and they have even more in common!!! Here are some things that are alike about the Lemur and St.Vincent parrot.

The first thing the Lemur and St.Vincent parrot have in common is, that scientist have bred them. Lemurs were bred in the United States, and then returned back to zoos in their native home on the island of Madagascar, Africa. The St. Vincent Island parrots get bred to bring their population up in the Caribbean. Both animals need protection very badly.

The second thing these two animals have in common is their habitats. Both the Lemur and St.Vincent parrots habitats are being destroyed. The forest that the Lemur lives in is being destroyed for the land that people need to graze and farm on. The parrot's forest is being destroyed due to illegal trade.

Finally the last thing the Lemur and St.Vincent parrot have in common is, they're both endangered. The forest where they live is being destroyed. The parrots are getting smuggled to different countries for pets. This has brought their population down. Scientists think there are only five hundred individuals left on an island. The Lemur's habitat is being destroyed for grazing and farming so of course, there goes their population too.

In conclusion, Lemurs and St.Vincent parrots need help. Their habitats need to be protected. They are beautiful animals that deserve to live. I hope people will start working really hard to save their habitats. We need every person to plant some!

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