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Dan Eldon

by Olivia from Nanjing

Dan Eldon (
Dan Eldon (

Dan Eldon was born in September 18, 1970, London. He had a British father and an American mother. Amy Eldon was born in July 9, 1974.

When he was seven years old, Dan Eldon and his sister Amy moved to Nairobi, Kenya, with their parents. At fourteen, Dan Eldon try to help a girl that was sick. Together with his friends, he raised $5,000. But, the girl died.

In his life, Dan Eldon visited 46 countries, and he studied seven languages in the school and out of school. In January, Dan Eldon enrolled in Pasadena Community College, California. That summer he and his friend researched a journey that would lead himself and a group of young people in Nairobi to Malawi. Dan Eldon and his friend helped in six different countries and met in Nairobi and travel thousands of miles in three vehicles. There, they went to the Save the Children fund, as well as money for three wells, and blankets for a childrenʼs hospital. In 1991, he return to UCLA(University of California, Los Angles), planning his next trip.

In 1993, Dan Eldon and his colleagues Hansi Krauss, Anthony Macharia, and Hos Maina were stoned to death in Somalia.

Dan Eldon is a role model for me, because he helped many people in Africa. I want to help people in Africa, too. I will give them water and food if they need it. And give them money to go to school.

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