Dian Fossey

by Sophia from Brea

Saving the Mountain Gorilla species seems impossible for one human being to accomplish. To Dian Fossey, studying the gorillas' habitat was not necessarily a task, but more so a hobby to her. Not only did she study the gorilla's lifestyle, she moved to Africa, lived with the gorilla's, and earned their full trust. If it was not for the inseparable bond between Dian Fossey and the friendly mountain gorillas, scientists believe they would be extinct today.

Dian lived in the Rwanda Mountains located in the green mossy land of Africa. She closely studied the gorilla's nature, and got to know every action of them. The Mountain Gorilla's soon learned that she was not harmful to the creatures. Surely, Dian earned the gorilla's trust from being around them so frequently. The Mountain Gorillas let Dian play with their children and live in their habitat. She became so close to them that she named them and Dian became a mother to all of the gorillas. In a world like ours today, hardly any person has the bravery and courage to do what Dian Fossey did with the gorillas.

Dian encouraged people to stop killing the gorillas by campaigning against poachers. Over the years, some of her most beloved gorilla friends were killed by poachers. Even Dian's favorite gorilla, Digit, was killed. . She protected their environment as much as possible, but became a threat and a target for death. Dian was soon killed sleeping in her cabin in the Rwanda Mountains which scientists believe she was killed by poachers. Although the campaigning caused Dian to sacrifice her life, it affected many people across the globe.

Some may argue, that gorillas are not a vital importance to us, and that we could have lived without Dian Fossey. She didn't save any human beings. If she wanted to save a species, why not try and save the humans, they are more useful right? Anyways, the gorillas have not done much for us, why did she protect them? After all, all that she did was save the gorillas. However, many would not have the bravery and courage to do what Dian Fossey did- would you?

Dian Fossey did not save mankind or create a cure for cancer, but if it was not for her bravery, determination, and courageousness to help save the Mountain Gorilla Species, they would have died out by now. Today, there are a limited amount of gorillas left, about 700. Although that is a small number, Dian Fossey contributed her life to care for the gorillas and succeeded.

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