Dian Fossey

by Julia from Bradford, Canada

The man who kills animals today is the man who kills people who get in his way tomorrow

Hi, my name is Julia from Bradford. I like gorillas, so I found someone who tried to save the gorillas. Her name is Dian Fossey. But she could sit with gorillas and play with their young because she is a scientist that works with gorillas.

Dian Fossey's Birthday is on January 16th. She was born in San Francisco. She went to Marin Junior College. Most of her college was paid for by her aunt and uncle because her mother and father refused to pay the college money because it was too expensive.

Dian Fossey only had one obstacle. It was a guy that killed her favorite gorilla because he didn't like what she was doing. While she was running the donation, he finally killed her. Trying to escape the danger was also her motivation.

Dian Fossey raised enough to save some gorillas and now she's a hero to many people including me. She was brave through the whole thing. She showed many other actions too.

My hero influences me in two ways. First, to never give up and second, to care about what you love in life so I will.

Dian Fossey showed many character traits, like citizenship, courage, caring and that she cares about what she loves. That's why the gorilla saver, never giving up, life saver and much more, Dian Fossey is My Hero.

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