David Suzuki

by Brooke from Prescott, Canada

My hero is David Suzuki because he is a Canadian science broadcaster who tries to save energy and if we save energy the earth will be a better place. David Suzuki had a foundation, and he served as a director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association from 1982-1987.

David Suzuki has a twin sister named Marcia. David Suzuki is (75) years old now and he was born in Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada David Suzuki lived during the second world war. The government sold David Suzuki’s dry-cleaning business and they had to move to Islington, Leamington, and London, Ontario and he has been presented 22 honorary degrees.

He is my hero because he feels and believes that the whole world can save energy. Just by having solar panels, or wind mills and turning off your lights and you could car pool and have a solar panel car if you want. And the most important of all is if you leave to go somewhere you should take out all the plugs and some families leave their TV on so make sure you turn the electricity off before you leave.

And I feel he is my hero because he lived though World War 2 when he was 6 years old. And he is my hero because he made 15 books for kids about nature and saving energy, 38 for adults and I think just someday he will fulfill his dream. When he was young he thought someone in the world will find David Suzuki as their own hero so fulfill your own dream.

My hero is David Suzuki because he thinks he can change the world by saving energy. So I hope you can find a hero of your own someday and I hope he or she will change your life.

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