Dr. David Takayoshi Suzuki

by Joshua from Morinville, Canada

Hi my name is Joshua. My hero is Dr. David Suzuki. I chose David Suzuki because he cares about the earth. He spends his time educating people on matters about the earth. Global climate change is getting worse and that's why Dr. David Suzuki came up with the idea for saving the earth. We are going to help him by planting trees, stop polluting the water, recycle more -less waste in the garbage, and use less electricity-maybe solar power. We should all switch to healthier environmental products. Not everyone agrees with Dr. David Suzuki's ways on saving the earth.

David Suzuki began a television show in 1970 called Suzuki on Science, a children's show. In 1974, he founded the radio program, Quirks and Quarks, which he also hosted on CBC radio. Eventually he got married to Setsuko Joane Sunahara from 1958 to 1965. He then later married Tara Elizabeth Cullis in 1972. He has a total of 5 children. He's received a lot of honors and awards. He's even written books like Nature In The Home and Time To Change.

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