David Takayoshi Suzuki

by Brandon from Cornwall

Dr. David Suzuki  ( (David Suzuki Foundation))
Dr. David Suzuki ( (David Suzuki Foundation))

Is David Suzuki the man who cares the most about the environment? David is a scientist, environmentalist and a broadcaster. David Suzuki is the co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation. He works to help protect the environment, and is famous for his way of explaining complex science to make it a lot easier to understand. David completed high school in London, Ontario. He then went on to receive a scholarship at Amherst College in 1958 and received a BA in Biology; that's when he fell in love with genetics. He also received a Ph.D in Zoology.

David Takayoshi Suzuki was born March 24th, 1936 in Vancouver, British Columbia. When Suzuki was 6 years old, Canada declared war on Japan and his Canadian family lost all citizenship and rights for having a relation to the enemy. "Our crime was sharing genes with Canada's enemy, who were also our enemy because we were Canadians" (David Suzuki). As the war was coming to an end Suzuki, his three sisters and parents, were given the choice to receive renounced citizenship and a one way ticket to Japan or move out of B.C, east of the Rocky Mountains. His family chose to stay in Canada and move out of B.C. "And the results of the war left me with a lifelong knee-jerk aversion to any hint of bigotry or discrimination and a passion for civil rights" (David Suzuki). As the war came to an end they were released from a camp in Slocan B.C, and chose Leamington, Ontario, as their new home in 1946. They were the first coloured family to move into Leamington. Since then Suzuki has had lots of success. He holds 25 honorary degrees in Canada, United States of America and Australia. He has written 52 books and 19 of them are made for children. Since he made a splash in the scientific community he has won many awards and is famous for his documentaries and books.

David Suzuki on his tv show ( ())
David Suzuki on his tv show ( ())

David Suzuki is very caring. He informs everyone of the importance of global warming. He say's ''None are more keen to listen than the youth of today'' He cares and fears about the future of the earth, our oceans, wildlife and habitat and freshwater. Dr. David Suzuki has often informed the youth about the dangers of global warming and how we can stop the effects of global warming. David is also very relentless. He never gives up and will keep working to achieve his goal until the day he dies. David said ''I don't ever want to have a grandchild of mine look me in the eye and say, Grandpa, you could have done more''. He wants to be able to say that he did all that he was capable of doing and he tried his best. He is very passionate about educating the world and creating change. He wants future generations to experience all wildlife and different species we have in the world. Suzuki is a good communicator. He has given countless speeches and has been on several TV shows like The Nature Of Things and Suzuki On Science. He is also known as an international icon and is recognized by United Nations as a worldwide leading environmentalist.

David Suzuki has done so much to help protect the earth. He fights to make sure that Canada is doing their part to lower greenhouse gases. He also works to protect wildlife, in 1992 his foundation (David Suzuki Foundation) protected 11.5 million hectares of the lower Amazon forest. More recently in 2010 he helped convince company's to protect the boreal forest and preserve its wildlife. It is now the largest protected forest area on earth! He also helps protect our Oceans and freshwater. The David Suzuki Foundation is working to protect Canada's water ecosystems by partnering with community's to protect our two most important freshwater sources, the St. Lawrence and Fraser. Before becoming who he is today Suzuki had to overcome many obstacles. When he and his family were forced to move out of B.C they had to find a new home. Once Suzuki was going to school he would always get bullied by Japanese boys for not being able to speak Japanese. Once he found a job at a University he had to work long hours, leaving his wife at home to raise the children. Suzuki ended up going through a divorce. Since then he has re-married and has been married since 1972.

I chose David Suzuki as my hero because I believe that his cause is very pressing and important in modern society. He works for a great cause and one that I believe in sincerely to protect and preserve our wildlife, oceans and environment. He is a hero to me because he has done so much to help and do as much as he can to protect the environment and preserve the Earth for future generations. He has dedicated his life to becoming an environmentalist and he has already saved countless forests, lakes, species and more. I believe that David Suzuki is a hero for what he has done and this is why I chose him as my hero.

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