David Suzuki

by Louie from Ontario, Canada

David Suzuki
David Suzuki

What a hero means to me. I believe a hero is someone who makes sacrifices to benifit others. A hero is a role model and someone who is looked up to by others. A hero is not nessesarily someone with super powers but someone who strives to improve life around them. A hero could be the person who saves you from a burning building, or someone who devotes their life to findring a cure fo a disease, or simply someone who sets a good example. Anyone can be a hero if they help where they can. A hero is selfless and puts others before themselves. In conclusion, to me a hero is anyone who does their part to make the world a better place.

My hero is David Suzuki. He is a scientist who specialises in environmental research.Some of the reasons that make him a hero are his qualities.David Suzuki is intelligent. He exeled in school and earned several university degrees. He is concerned about the environment. He has researched this his entire life and is dedicated to that cause. In apearance, David Suzuki has grey hair, glasses and a beard. Also, perhaps one of his most important qualities is that he is a good public speaker and talks to large crowds all over the world. These are only a small handfull of the qualities that make David Suzuki great

David Suzuki was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in 1936. After the end of World War II he moved to London, Ontario where he went to school. He graduated from Amherst colledge in 1958 where he earned several honours and later went to the University of Chicago and earned a PhD in zoology in 1961. He now lives in Vancouver with his wife, Dr. Tara Cullis and two daughters. David Suzuki has had an interesting life so far and will be an interesting person to follow in the future.

David Suzuki has ad many great achievements some of which are listed below.David Suzuki is well known for his hit television show "the Nature of Things". The show focuses on science and the wonders that can be found in nature. David Suzuki was a nominee on "the Greatest Canadian" where he was voted as the fifth greatest Canadian ever, and the greatest living Canadian. He is the creator of the well-known radio broadcast "Quirks and Quarks". He has been formally adopted by two native tribes for his work supporting Native Canadians. He is also the author of forty-two books including his auto-biography and "The Sacred Balance".

David Suzuki has great qualities, comes from an interesting background and has many incredible acheivements. He is a person I look up to, he makes sacrifices to help others and he works hard to make the world a better place. For all of these reasons he is my hero.

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