Diana Spencer

by Rimet from France

My heroine is Diana Spencer, who was once the Princess of Great Britain. Her nickname was Lady Di. She got engaged to Charles, the Prince of Gall, and she married him on July 29th, 1981, in London. There were 35,000 guests. In this way, she became the most powerful woman in Great Britain, after the Queen and the Queen Mother. She had two children: William, born in June, 1982, and Henry, born in September, 1984. She separated from the Prince in December, 1992, and she divorced him in August, 1996. She therefore lost the title of majestic highness. She died in August, 1997, in a Paris car accident.

The princess Diana was known for her humanitarian actions, such as helping people with AIDS, and fighting against the use of antipersonnel mines. She was the first celebrity to relate with people who had AIDS. Thanks to the Princess Diana, the population understood that they should help HIV-positive people, and that they didn’t have to be frightened. In addition, she went to Angola with the Red Cross in January, 1997, to help survivors of antipersonnel mines. Moreover, she made a trip to Bosnia with “Landmine Survivors Network” in order to help injured people, and she influenced the government to sign the treaty to ban of the use of antipersonnel mines in 1998.

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Diana dancing

Princess Diana was my heroine when I was a little girl, because she was a very beautiful woman. She was tall, and had long, blond curly hair. Besides, she was a princess, so she was famous, and wore nice dresses and outstanding jewels.

<a href=>Diana with survivors of antipersonnel mines</a href>
Diana with survivors of antipersonnel mines

Now that I am older, Princess Diana is my heroine because I think that she did a lot of things to help other people, particularly those who have AIDS, and survivors of antipersonnel mines. She is my heroine because she was a very famous woman who had a very important status, and she did not only think about her wealth. She was one of the first women who helped people who had problems. Moreover, she is my heroine because she dared make a trip to Angola and Bosnia, even though it was very dangerous. This shows that she was a very brave woman. She liked taking risks to help people who did not have her luck.

<a href=>Diana in Angola</a href>
Diana in Angola

Thus, in my view Princess Diana can be considered like a heroine because she was a woman who was devoted to help HIV-positive people and survivors of antipersonnel mines. Princess Diana helps me realize that it is very important to help people who have problems, and this above all when we ourselves are in good health.

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