Elizabeth Cline

by Hallie from Dalton

Elizabeth Cline is my number one hero. Elizabeth is in the eighth grade. She attends Eastbrook Middle School. She is in a wheelchair. Elizabeth has many difficulties. Some of her disabilities are clubbed feet, back problems, and Spinabifida.

If you don't know what Spinabifida is then here's a little bit of information for you: Spinabifida is when your your back has a hole in it. One out of every thousand children born has Spinabifida. Most children die just a few hours after being born. Most children with Spinabifida have to have a shunt. This shunt helps keep fluid from building up onto your brain. If your shunt goes bad then you have to get a new one through surgery. Elizabeth has had around twenty surgeries.

Neural tube defects(NTD) are serious birth defects that are incomplete development of the brain and spinal cord. There are three different NTD's. Out of the three spinabifida is worse. Most children born with spinabifida have mental retardation. This is where you can't learn like others. Because of this these children have to be in special ed classes.

Elizabeth is my hero because she has been through many hard times and made it. This is why she is my hero. I love her very much.

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