Elizabeth Lee Hazen

by Elise from Cincinnati

The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which separates man from animal." - Sir William Osler
Elizabeth Lee Hazen in her older days
Elizabeth Lee Hazen in her older days

Elizabeth Lee Hazen was born on Aug. 24 1885 and died on June 24 1975. She was born in Rural, Mississippi. I picked her because I read that she discovered Nystatin. I really like that she didn’t try to be a hero but in her discoveries, she became a hero. She has saved a lot of people because of her discovery of Nystatin. That is why I picked her.

Elizabeth Lee Hazen had a great personal background. She earned her B.S. at Mississippi State College for Women. Elizabeth taught school and served as an Army diagnostic. She won a degree in bacteriology from Columbia University. So as you see Elizabeth is an over achiever. She, of course, had a perfect personal background.

Elizabeth Lee Hazen in her younger days
Elizabeth Lee Hazen in her younger days

Niceness was one of Elizabeth’s main traits. She was also a very kind women growing up. Elizabeth was very bright and or smart. She was very adventurous doing all the things she did. Brave would be the biggest thing that I ever thought of that woman. Those are her personality traits.

Elizabeth Lee Hazen was significant because she found an important cure. The cure was Nystatin. She saved a lot of people in the whole world. I think that was very smart to take a big step like that. She would have been rich because she cured all of those people. That’s why Elizabeth was significant.

Elizabeth Lee Hazen’s biggest obstacle was figuring out what to put in nystatin. Also how to put the ingredients in the nystatin. Did they need to be put in a certain order or not? That was one of the biggest obstacles for Elizabeth Lee Hazen. She found it out though. That was Elizabeth Lee Hazen’s biggest obstacle.

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