Explorers Heroes

Sir Edmund Percival Hillary

by Kaya from Hastings

Who is your hero? Sir Edmund Hillary. What has your hero done? Sir Edmund Hillary has helped other people(children/adults) by building hospitals for New Zealand. When did your hero live? Sir Edmund Hillary was born 29th of July in 1919 and he died on the 11th of January 2008. Sir Edmund Hilary died at the age of 89. Sir Edmund Hilary died of heart failure.

Where did/does your hero live? Sir Edmund Hillary lived in Auckland(New Zealand). Why is your hero important to you? He gave his own money to build things for other people in our country(New Zealand). He also gave money to different charities around where he lived in Auckland and the other few places in New Zealand.

Sir Edmund Hillary was also a natural beekeeper and he took care of a few bees of his own. Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest on the 29th of May in 1953. Sir Edmund Hillary was starting to become famous. It was not until after he climbed Mount Everest that he was knighted a SIR by the Queen! Because before he climbed Mount Everest his name was just a simple Edmund Hillary.

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