Emily Hunter

by Anna and Grace from Xiamen, China

Emily Hunter ( ())
Emily Hunter ( ())

Born in 1988 as the daughter of Robert Hunter (founder of Greenpeace), Emily was born to be an environmentalist, she has green blood. Both Emily's parents had green thumbs, they were both known as earthkeepers, but, most importantly, they inspired their daughter, Emily Hunter. Emily's dad had saved a seal with another environmentalist, her mom had saved a whale from a harpoon, the boat was almost ruined when Bobbie (Emily's Mom) managed to put the crew back together. Emily's parents totally inspired Hunter to be interested in the ocean. If our parents were both environmentalists, there would be no doubt that we would become environmentalists too! It doesn't even surprise us that she's a Eco-warrior, it's just in her blood!

Emily Hunter ( ())
Emily Hunter ( ())

Emily Hunter is a committed woman, she did a lot of things. When things were getting hard, she never gave up. In her early adulthood (19) Emily joined the organization Sea Shepard. Sea Shepard is an organization that helps save the ocean, they also embrace the Eco-friendly spirit. Emily was a daring woman. We can't believe she joined a quest with Sea Shepard at only 19! Her parents shared their knowledge about the earth with Emily; that way, she could save the fabulous environment that humans are ruining. Her parents definitely influenced her to be a Eco-warrior. She used her creativity and her talent to save the earth. She's a filmmaker, she makes magnificent films about the environment to inspire people. What does she inspire people to do? Well, to save the environment of course! We were already motivated to save the environment by Jack Johnson and Jane Goodall but Hunter, without a doubt, pulled us into a whole new world - the world of action! We are now taking action with a fun project (look at paragraph 5 for more information).

Emily Hunter saved a whale that was in danger (Australia), she helped a lot of marine animals. Emily's down to earth actions made her appear on TV shows, radios, the net, and she even got her own Applications! When God was handing out hearts Emily must've got the best one of all! She got the most passionate one, the most humorous one, the most Eco-friendly one, the most talented one, and last but never least the most risk-taking one! All those traits added together can only mean one thing, A HERO! (humorous+passionate+Eco-friendly+talent+brave= HERO!!!)

Emily Hunter ( ())
Emily Hunter ( ())

Emily Hunter is a brave & creative woman who deserves to be celebrated. She used her talent and creativity to show that she is passionate about the environment, especially saving animals. For example, she saved a whale that washed onshore. Emily Hunter wanted to make a change, to make the world a better place, even if she knew a young woman whose only about 25 years old will not only make a little changes but she tried as hard as she could, she never gave up. She affected the earth in a young age. Emily Hunter believed that we could change the world someday, she also believed in her own hopes.

Emily Hunter (
Emily Hunter (

So, Emily was a very brave, risk-taking woman. She is willing to put full effort into her dream. We look up to her creativity, she's our inspiration, therefore, we will make a fun movie advertising a marvelous event we will be hosting. We will give kids from Pre-K to Gr 5 points for doing environmental friendly things. For example, picking up litter is worth 2 points. Recycling 2 or more items is worth 5 points. Re-using something is also worth 5 points. Reducing something equals 6 points. Up-cycling is worth 6 points, double side printing is 2 points, riding your bike is your destiny is close = 4 points, close the lights when there not needed is worth 4 points. Lastly, when waiting for the shower to get warm put a bucket under the rinse catching all the cold water that can later be used to water the plants. We didn't make a documentary (like Emily Hunter) but we did use our creativity to make a movie.

In conclusion, Emily Hunter deserves to be celebrated because she is very risk-taking, brave, committed, creative, and talented. So, if you like to be creative or eco-friendly, Emily is the perfect hero!

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