Amelia Earhart

by Logan from Dublin

I think a good hero should be helpful. A hero also needs to make good choices. A hero should persevere no matter what happens to them. A hero should have a positive attitude and should be brave. A hero shouldn’t do drugs and should be loving. A hero should care about other people more than themselves. Let me tell you about my hero, Amelia Earhart.

Amelia had a lot of courage. She had enough courage to be the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. But she really didn’t fly over the Atlantic, two men flew the plane because she didn’t have any experience with anything but a single engine plane. She was upset that the two men didn’t get any credit. Amelia always believed she could get to the top and do something no woman had ever dared to do before.

Amelia’s father was an alcoholic. But that never had any impact on her mind to do drugs. She never did them because she didn’t want to screw up her life, and she wanted to name her dreams come true. Amelia always had a positive attitude. One day her father took her to an aerial meet and she got to fly over Los Angeles in an airplane. From then on she wanted to fly. Amelia was one of those people that didn’t listen to people that said she couldn’t fly because she was a woman. She always believed she could whatever she wanted to do.

I also look up to Amelia Earhart because she did so many good things. She served as a volunteer nurse in World War One, she was a very good student and did well in school. When the war ended, she enrolled as a person that studies medicine at Columbia University.

Amelia was loving and caring. She was doing very well in school but she went back to California to be with her parents. Amelia cared about other people more than herself. She was a volunteer nurse in World war One . That showed that she cared about other people more than herself.

This shows you why i picked Amelia Earhart as my hero. She has everything a good hero should have. I hope you have enjoyed my Hero report.

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