Amelia Earhart

by Hayley from Lincoln

A portrait  of Amelia Earhart (I drew this picture.)
A portrait of Amelia Earhart (I drew this picture.)

Have you ever flown 22,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean? And had 7,000 miles to go? This is the story of Amelia Earhart. She wanted to fly a plane across America.

She also wanted to prove she was a great flier. She also said she could improve on flying. She also helped other people.

She also helped poor people. And also she helps out her parents too. Like with chores when she gets done with them she goes to practice flying a plane.

Her friend, George Palmer Putman, was the one who taught her how to fly a plane in 1937. She had no brothers and sisters either. She had a lot of friends too.

Now you know the story of Amelia Earhart. I thought plane flier too. I hope when I grow up I will be just like her.

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