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Sir Francis Drake

by Alex from Mississauga

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Sir Francis Drake's Ship (

My hero is Sir Francis Drake. He was a brave navigator an adventurous and a dedicated English politician. He had a nickname given to him by the Spaniards; they called him El Draque which means “The Dragon”. He was born in early 1540 Tavistock, England. Sir Francis Drake worked for the Queen of England from 1563-1595 as a Vice Admiral in the navy. He often sailed in the Caribbean Sea with his ship the Golden Hind. He died of dysentery in Panama and was 56 years old. Sir Francis Drake is definitely a hero since he has many outstanding qualities.

My first reason is that he was a very brave navigator. He is brave because he survived the fiercest passage of water on the Earth. This passage is between Antarctica and South America which is now called the Drake Passage. He destroyed countless ships that mostly belonged to the Spanish while trying to improve the quality of life for the Queen. He brought back jewels, spices and precious metals.

My second reason is that Francis Drake was an adventurous trader. From England he sailed around the world. He sailed for nearly three years and traveled about 36,000 miles. Sir Francis Drake even sailed while he was in his 50's. This is why Sir Francis is an adventurous trader.

The last reason is that he was a dedicated English politician. Francis Drake was dedicated to England because in 1569 when he was 23 the Spanish trapped the ship that he was in. Ever since then for the rest of his life he sought revenge against the Spanish. He brought back goods such as spices to help improve the lives of people living in England. Most of the world was mapped because of him, helping England make new and improved trade routes. Also in September 1581 he became the Mayor of Plymouth and was also a Member of Parliament. This is why Sir Francis Drake was a dedicated English politician.

For all the reasons that I talked about makes Sir Francis Drake one of my heroes. I understand that slave trading is not right but he is my hero for everything else that he did. His accomplishments have made him famous.

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