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Anne Frank

by Maya from California

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My Hero

I have chosen Anne Frank to be my hero. She was born in 1929 and died in 1945. So she lived for 16 years. Anne was Jewish and had a sister named Margot. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany. But later she moved to escape the Nazis. There she stayed in her Secret Annex (an office room in the attic.) To keep herself entertained for her 16th B-day she got a diary she named Kitty.

Anne didn’t want to write boring facts in her diary and she wanted to write to someone so she decided to name her diary Kitty. In her diary she wrote about her life in the Secret Annex. For example she wrote detailed descriptions about the Secret Annex; like turn left and you will see a glass door which leads to the Secret Annex. Also she would tell how her day went. Such as “Dear Kitty, Today we escaped to the Secret Annex. At first I was nervous.” She also wrote about the people that lived with her and her friend Peter who Anne had a crush on.

She hide from the Nazis and was not as scared as I would have been of people wanting to hurt me and who were surrounding me. Also she barely even said or complained about how horrible her life was. Another thing is that she maybe could have survived the Holocaust if she had not gotten the disease.

All in all Anne Frank is my hero because she was brave during the time of the Holocaust.

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