Anne Frank

by Elena from Hobart

Anne Frank: "When I write, all my cares go away."

My hero is Anne Frank. She lived in the 1930s and ‘40s in Frankfurt, Germany. She is my hero because she couldn’t go outside for 25 months and she hid really quietly from the Nazis the whole time.

It would be so hard to stay patient in a small house never going outside for over 2 years! I couldn’t ever do that. She never got very scared when there were bombings and she couldn’t even talk in the daytime because there were people working in an office below her until about 5:30PM. I talk a lot, so obviously I could never do what Anne Frank had to do.

When Anne got sent to a concentration camp she didn’t panic or try to get out. She just stayed calm, although she knew that she would probably die. Eventually, Anne put up a great fight, but died of Typhus right after her older sister, Margot.

Her journal that they found was of her whole life in hiding and her feelings and stuff. She has a published book now and it's one of the most read books in the US. Now that I have read most of Anne Frank’s diary, I understand more about World War II. They even made a museum at the “secret annexe” they were living in. Almost everyone has heard of Anne Frank because her book was translated in over 20 languages. She is a great person in history and sets a great example. That is why she is my role model.

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