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Yuri Gagarin

by Korney Ilya from Belarus

Each person has a “hero,” the ideal on whom he or she idolizes. I shall not be mistaken if I say that almost all the boys in childhood wished to become cosmonauts. But why? In fact is that there are a lot of interesting and not less fascinating trades. But this trait involved with “boldness” shows “heroism” more precisely. And who of us did not dream to become a hero, to do something that will glorify not only us, but also our country for the whole world, to do something nobody has ever done. But we cannot even imagine, what efforts, not only physical, but also intellectual, it is necessary to make to be named heroic.

However who, if not such a unique person as Yuri Gagarin — the first person to leave our planet for space — is valued for this accomplishment.

We shall begin our story on March 14th, 1960. Then the final choice was made. Gagarin was among the first 12 pilots who were chosen in Star town near Moscow. More than a year went by, with rather intense tests, and then on April 12th, 1961, in the spacecraft “East” which was itself a capsule, the first space flight was made by the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It entered the space age of which all the progressive dreams of men of the Earth had dreamed for many centuries.

Gagarin’s flight in space caused a shock in the developed countries of the world, especially among Americans. President John Kennedy spoke on TV and said his famous words that the Russians had become the first in space exploration and added that it was time for every American to think what benefit he or she could give to the country: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!”

Gagarin wrote a letter to his wife two days before the flight. He knew that the flight would be very dangerous, the risk was very great. Here is the letter:

“Hello, my darling Valechka, Lenochka and Galochka!
I decided to share my opinion with you, and to share my joy and my luck I have got today. Our governmental commission decided to send me in the space. I’m very glad Valyusha, and I would like you to share my luck. A simple man is entrusted with such a great task — to pave the first way to space. Could I dream about the greatest? This is history, this is a knew era: I want to devote this flight to our great Motherland, to our science.”

Gagarin asked the command to give this letter to his wife, if he died. Valentina Ivanovna read it after his death on March 27, 1968. This letter showed us his true character. Judging by his words we can learn about his greatness.

I don’t doubt that his flight into space was a very important step for him, maybe the most important in his life. He didn’t refuse. Risking his life he did his best not only for his country, but for all the planet. I’m sure that only brave and courageous people are able to perform such a feat.

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