Angels Heroes

Chelsea M. Gould

by Janel

There are many heros around us every day of our lives. Many of these heroes go unnoticed. It must be because people think a hero must be someone who has done something great and meaningful for the world. Even though those men and women are definetely heroes, that is not the case with my hero. She is someone who I have always been able to look up to. She has given me courage many times and inspired me to keep trying no matter how hard things get. She has helped me through many hard times and has always been my friend.

My hero is Chelsea Gould. She is 17 years old and a great example to me and many others around her. She has huge ambitions and great goals that inspire me so much. She has a plan for her future and with all the things she is doing, she still has time for others no matter what.

Even though she is one grade younger than me, I have never had such a good friend. We have so many things in common and she is always willing to take time and help me out with my life. She also has been an inspiration to me by the ways she stands up for her beliefs and never lets anyone tell her otherwise. No matter how hard it may be for her, she will always be true and faithful in her beliefs. She is truly and amazing and a great role model.

For as long as I have known Chelsea she has always been ambitious and anxious to help other people. Chelsea has always had a desire to go to Africa and help kids in an orphanage. This past summer she embarked on what she would call "a dream come true." She was able to help children in an orphanage and do humanitarian work for three weeks. Chelsea's desire for her career is to become a nurse. I know she would do such a great job as a nurse because she is very compassionate, she has a positive outlook on life, and she likes to laugh. People always cheer up whenever they are around her.

"A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope."

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that gives value to survival."
- C. S. Lewis

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