Honor a mother, a mentor,
or someone who is like a mother to you.

Who is your hero?

Ghen from - - 12/7/2021 11:45:18 PM
My hero is: MY MOTHER.

My mom dedicate herself making dinner, doing houseworks, taking care of all the family members for her whole life.

Schimbator Nicoleta from from Chisinau, , Moldova, Anenii Noi- - 11/22/2021 12:43:47 AM
My hero is: My hero is my mother.

My idol is my mom. She helps me every time I have a problem I can't solve. She brightens my mornings and evenings. My mother is the star that accompanies me in the dark end on every road.

Gherta Ionela from from Chi?inau, , Cantemir , Sadîc, - - 11/21/2021 11:12:22 PM
My hero is: My mom.

The only hero in my life is my mother. Because she gave me life, raised me, educated me, taught me. She always asks me if I'm okay, how I feel, how my day went ... even if she feels really bad she worries, of course. Any mother does the same but for me she is the best hero.

Lizette, Jahkai and Jahmar Milette
Wendy Milette
Wendy Milette from from Davenport, , Ca, Usa- - 8/16/2017 9:58:04 AM
My hero is: Jahmar, Lizette and Jahkai Milette.

My son and his lovely wife are excellent parents; kind, nurturing, affectionate and giving to our precious Jahkai Manuel!

Isabella Torrez from from Indianola, , Washington , North America- - 3/26/2015 1:09:25 PM
My hero is: Lisa Torrez is my Hero and my Mom. My hero is my mom. Because she has a new disease and she's been fighting it for a few years now. She might not have cancer or anything like that, but she's a fighter and that's what counts. And I love her with all my heart and I'm glad that she's my mom, because she's the only one I'm going to have. She's the best in the whole world! By: Isabella Torrez (daughter of Lisa Torrez

Mrs. Crumpler from from Lake Wales, , FL, United States- - 9/15/2014 2:19:16 PM
My hero is: My heroine is my mother. When I was only 15 years old, my mother left Cuba, my father, her family and everything in order to give my sister and I a better life. We came to the United States in search for freedom. My mother spent her life taking care of my sister and I in a strange land. During my teenage years, I did not appreciate my mother's sacrifice as much as I do now that I am an adult with a family of my own. When I graduated from high school, it was my mother who was standing by my side. She was the one that taught me to treat others with respect and integrity. My mother taught me by example. She made the choice to place her children ahead of herself. It is from my mother that I learned to care and see the potential in every person I meet.

PeytonPerero from from lafayette, , LA, USA- - 2/26/2014 11:55:57 AM
My hero is: My Grandmother. She is physically disabled but still does more than seems possible.

Susan from from Garibaldi Highlands, , BC, Canada- -
My hero is: Gloria Sherwood. There is no one on earth I cherish and respect more than my mother. She is without a doubt the biggest hero in my life. My mother sacrificed her whole youth for me because she had me when she was only 19 years old. Gloria was terrified to be a parent but determined to be a good one. Right from the start she made sacrifices in her life so that I could have what I needed. She sacrificed her time, money and relationships so that she could meet my needs.

Mercedes Ward from from Reynoldsburg, , Ohio, USA- -
My hero is: Crystal Foster. MY HERO IS CRYSTAL FOSTER. SHE IS A NURSE. SHE TAKES CARE OF TWO KIDS, ME AND MY BROTHER Kaden. She helps us out sometimes when we need help. She is my hero. No matter what, I can always count on her for anything. She is the best mom i could i ever have. I love her so much.

David G from from LA, , CA, - - 10/9/2013 5:24:37 PM
My hero is: My mom. She is my hero because she helps people. She is nice when they get sick. When she helps kids she does everything for everybody so they don't get sick. She makes me feel great by loves me.

MohamedBakkas from from Taroudant, , Taroudant, Morocco- - 7/13/2013 8:14:03 AM
My hero is: My grandmother. She was the first woman who took care of me. I like her so much. She used to take me everywhere she went. She told me stories which scared me and deterred me from going out an night. She was next to me when I needed her. She prayed for me everytime and I used to call her whenever I am down. When she died, I felt that a part of me died and was thrown away. I will always love you my grandmother. May your soul rest in peace and in heaven.

herendira yanes from from lennox, , California, United States- - 7/2/2013 1:34:17 PM
My hero is: my mother . my mother is my hero my mother is my hero because she never gives up . shes my hero because she teaches me right from wrong . shes my hero because shes a hero

Brittany from from Baltimore, , Maryland, USA- - 6/1/2013 5:11:54 AM
My hero is: My Mother. She is a strong, loving, and caring person. When I have hard times, she is always there to help me, before anyone else is. She's beautiful inside and outside. She is protective and always remembers who hurts her children, and never forgets their faces. When our father died, she stayed strong and made sure she continued to take care of us. I'm 21 years old and still wish to be as brave, strong, loving, and special like she is. No one could ever be like this Woman. If you could only meet her, you would see how sweet and awesome she really is. She doesn't have any friends, or any boyfriends, but she still remains strong and continues to take care of us even though we are all grown up. Her bestfriend died 2006 of Cancer and she has her hard times but in the end she still remains this beautiful, strong, and beautiful Queen. I Love you, Mommy! You are My Hero, and always will be. I will always love you no matter what. I will take care of you like when you had taken care of us and never gave up.

jorgia from from los angeles, , ca, usa- - 4/18/2013 11:55:23 AM
My hero is: cheryl robinson. My hero is my mother Cheryl Robinson. She is my hero because she showed me that no matter how far you are down you can always pick yourself back up if you try. She thought me what a good mother is. My mother open my mind to so many things in this world and i thank her for that. She has encourage me to be a better person and to never think that your better than anyone in this world. That is why my mother is my hero

Charlie from from Brooklyn, , NY, USA- - 3/25/2013 12:34:23 PM
My hero is: my mother . my mother is my hero because she is a very strong women. as a single mother with four children,she still does it all. shes an inspiration to me because shes in school to enhance her career as a dentist.she works the long hours to provide for her family.raising four kids all on her own is not easy and could be a challenge but she still pushes through it all. i think she has a positive impact on all her children and thts why shes my hero.

justice from from brooklyn, , NY, USA- - 3/25/2013 6:02:18 AM
My hero is: Erica kaylor. She is my hero because she has taken care of me my whole life and has did everything she could to provide for me and my family.She is a single mother and she still takes care of what she has to do,She has never complained and always pulled through.

John Mello Cunanan from from Bulacan, , Single, Philippines- - 2/26/2013 5:22:45 AM
My hero is: my father & mother. because although they have some temporary problems, these are the kind of parents that you've cannot forget and be proud of them! They are very responsible and very concern to us.

Imer from from , , , - - 4/25/2012 11:26:24 AM
My hero is: Mom. she takes care of me

SanuberGuseynova from from Baku, , Narimanov, Azerbaijan- - 4/17/2012 11:06:59 AM
My hero is: My hero is my mother.. I'm happy that I can tell everything to my mother.She can understand and help me.I don't feel her age that she adult.Sometimes I think she is my sister.

PeriAllakhverdiyeva from from Baku, , Narimanov, Azerbaijan- - 4/17/2012 1:53:44 AM
My hero is: My Mother. My hero is Mother.She is my hero because,she is very sweet,peaceful and kind.I'm very proud of her.....:)

Martha from from Albany, , New York, U.S.A.- - 3/22/2012 8:48:46 AM
My hero is: My Mommy. She Is My Hero. Nothing Can Change That, No Matter What. I <3 Her ! She's My Best Friend, Sister, Teacher, And Mother. LOVE YOU !

Madeline Anderson from from Pinedale, , WY, USA- -
My hero is: Mom. My hero is my Mom. She fun and always on her toes. And also always on edge. If you push her off that edge, your in a load of trouble. She is SO sarcastic and funny. She's always making remarks about most everything. She's smart and she has a masters degree and she's super interesting.

My mom is my hero because she is always teaching me new things. She is inspiring with her smarts and fantasticness. She gives me advice and sne always figures out a way out of any situation. She is fantastic and fun and that is why she is my hero.

Kaia from from pinedale, , WY, USA- -
My hero is: Jennifer Margaret Allen. Jennifer Margaret Paben is my mother. I had my mother for 11 years now.

Jennifer has always been there when I needed her and she helps me on everything and when I was a baby she would take care of me.

eliza walker from from Pinedale, , Wy, USA- -
My hero is: my mom {Shelly}. my mom is my hero because shes always trying to make people happy. I want to be like her. she makes me happy every day. she inspires me by wanting me to be a better person. she makesme want to be like her.

Savina Grion from from lompoc, , california, U.S.A.- - 2/8/2012 2:43:40 PM
My hero is: my mom sandra alonso. my mommy (sandra alonso) is my hero because she is the only true person who understands mw. she knows the perfect words to say whenever im in a hard situation. especially with friend problems she was always by mi side no matter how many times i have upset her she still loves me and protects me underneath her wing. i know my mommy loves my little brother an i and will do anything in this world to make sure we are safe. i thank god for her each and every single day!!! :)

Shanaya from from Seat Pleasant, , Maryland, American Samoa- -
My hero is: Michelle Fortune. Michelle Fortune, my mother, is my hero because she always helps her family. She does everything she possibly can to make sure that everything goes perfect for her family. When someone is feeling sad, she always finds a way to make them smile and laugh. Even when I get frustrated, she will try to help me with whatever it is. Even if she dosen't understand it herself,she will try everything she can to figure it out and help in every way possible. My mother will meet new people and talk to them like she has known them for a while. She makes everyone feel welcome. She'll cheer you up even if you are in the worst mood ever. My mother is such a great person. SHE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO!!! -Shanaya Fortune

niajia utsey from from docherty, , sc, usa- -
My hero is: carla. MY HERO My hero is my mom cause she make me be a good mother to my kids cause she is a good mother to me .She make me the woman I is not when I look at my mother and how she is the and what she had to got to be the woman she is not .

She make me get up and do something with myself she my hero cause if I don’t like doing something and I need it she will make my that why I love her so much. She live in grover she had done a lot for me she take care of me when I need her and just cause I don’t live what her or see her like that but if I need something she is all ways the one who always for me .

She important to me because she is my mother and the way I love her is the way she love her and the way she love me no one will have for me and the love I have for her I will not have for no one else.

I have made an difference in my life I just like for my kids to say that I am the hero in they life but she made me but a good mother that i am now cause if it was not for her I think I will not be who I am now so I thank her for that so THANK YOU so so so so much LOVE YOU

Veronika Romejko from from Shchuchin, , , Belarus- - 12/28/2011 11:56:05 PM
My hero is: My hero is my mum.. I want to tell you about my hero. Her name's Irina (she's my mum). Mum is my hero, because she loves me, she buys me everything. I can share my secrets with her. We always go to school together, because I'm afraid of stray dogs.

LizSinkevich from from Shchuchin, , , Belarus- - 12/28/2011 11:26:55 PM
My hero is: My hero is my mum.. My mum is very kind and beautiful. I can share my thoughts and my secrets with her. She always helps me in different situations. She is my best friend. I love her very much!

Mallory Hendrix from from Lubbock, , TX, United States- - 11/27/2011 10:48:28 AM
My hero is: Kim Hendrix. Even though she went through so many trials and tribulations, she has always been a supportive mother who helps me with every problem I face.

alicia chard from from chelmsford, , essex, UK- -
My hero is: pavlina . Pavlina is truly amazing, she is a hard working, caring, loving mother of two. Pavlina is a burns specialist nurse she cares for the ill and saves lives. Pavlina is my hero because she is my mum, she always thinks of others before herself, she always makes here patients feel safe and happy... Thank you for being my hero.

Victoria Jones from from Grayson, , Georgia, United States- - 10/3/2011 5:12:49 PM
My hero is: Isabelle Jones . My hero is Isabelle Jones . She is actually my mother and i picked her as my hero because i see how she helps the youth in such a big way . All the teens look at her as a mother figure and i love how they just look up to her and how she has made such a big impact on their lives so that is why she is my hero .

Ashley Sykes from from bolixi, , mississippi, united states- - 9/6/2011 6:30:26 AM
My hero is: My mom is my number one hero.... My hero is my mom Anna...She gave birth to me and my brothers and sister...I love her for that and she lestined when i told her what happend and acctualy cared. Us kids think we have it so hard when really the mothers have it harder then ourselvs...I mean our mother will give her life for us insted of letting us die...she writes poams and she understands and the best way for her to understand my true self is when she looks into my eyes and writes but when she writes and is affarid to let me fly she would write it down like she says " It is hard for mothers to let their children fly off and away from the nest so far that she could no longer see the sky until she sees her baby nice and safe away from all of those who mean all harm against her" My mother is my number one hero not only because she gave me birth but also bacause she is there when i need her and... "when i fall and scrap my knee she is there to clean it up and make it feel beter with a mother touch...or a mother kiss is the best thing anyone needs" is one of the things she wrote when she was 16 years old when she needed a true mother when she was in need of her but she had her family and her friends and look at her now she is a great mother and i am proud to have her in my life

Teriaco Davis from from Memphis, , Tennessee, United States- - 9/3/2011 3:45:05 PM
My hero is: Lakeisha Davis. She's a wonderful mother to her 5 children and also she's a good and warm hearting person

Sarah Renada from from bandung, , West Java, Indonesia- - 8/4/2011 7:13:55 AM
My hero is: My grandmother. My hero is my grandmother because she's taking care of me since i was a kid, she teach me acount,read,spell and many more. She's just like parents for me,parents that never here for me because they're too busy with their other kid. But i don't really care about it because ihave awonderful grandma, and i don't want to switch my grandma with another parents or another grandma because as you know, if you see in the deepest of your heart she's the real hero,and she's the greatest give that Allah heve ever gave to me in my life

SANTOSH KUMAR MOHARANA from from CUTTACK, , ORISSA, INDIA- - 7/30/2011 5:31:11 AM
My hero is: my mother. My mother is hero for me.Because when my father was died at that time i was six month old. my mother was alone but she had enough courage and confidence in her and never accept defeat aginst the odd & obstracle. to day in my success behind there is a woman she is my mother.

Ricky from from Wheeling, , WV, USA- -
My hero is: Mom. My Mom is one 0f the favorite person. She takes care of me. She loves me. She helps me with my homework. Whenever I need help she will help me. When I am cut and I’m bleeding she takes care of me. She cooks for me.My mom is the best one ever!

I love her!

kavon adams from from New York, , Wyandanch, USA- -
My hero is: Louis Brown Adams . Im Writing About My Grandmother. My Grandmother's Name Is Louise Brown Adams, She loved To Help People Out With any Problem. She was A hard worker And she was really strong and respected And Respectful To Others Around Her. My Grandmother's Nick Name That Everyone Known Her By Was Nana. Nana Always Cooks For Everyone That Comes Over Her House, Nana Would Always Keep Her House Clean All The Time. One Thing About My Grandmother Is That She Had Cancer For 21 Years , And Never Gave Up In Life.

Ana Torres from from Newark, , California, United States- -
My hero is: Mom. There are many people that i admire yet there is only one that is my hero and that person is my mother. She has shown me how to make the best of life. She has also taught me that there is no limit to what one can have in life. My mom has fought to give my sister and me a better life, all the sacrifices that she has made for us I will never forget

Deborah Woody from from Birmingham, , Alabama, United States- -
My hero is: Monique Woody. My mother is the most amazing person in the world nobody has went thru the struggles that shes had. My mom is a single parent has 4 children which is alot to handel. and she keeps on trying to be the best mom ever and i love her for that.

Fathi from from Honolulu, , Hawaii, - - 5/5/2011 5:01:58 PM
My hero is: Mommy. She Is So Sweet And Amazing And Awesome. you should love your mother veryyyyyyy Much! NOW CELEBRATE MOTHER"S DAY!

Brianna from from , , , - - 4/29/2011 6:46:56 AM
My hero is: My mother.. Dear readrs, let me tell you a lot about my mother.She saved me from being hit by a car.The car was in revers and I was behind it.And the bumper was really close to my face.So in no mater of time my mom puled my hair.It hurt but at least I am not dead. Your writter, Brianna P.S I was two yearsold when this happend.

helen letsoalo from from johannesburg, , africa, south africa- - 3/15/2011 7:12:08 AM
My hero is: oprah winfrey. she has been a respective great mother to her daughters in her school and she has showed us the love we can get from other people

Emma Olson from from Missoula, , MT, USA- - 3/8/2011 11:46:59 AM
My hero is: Working Women around the World. Today is International Women’s Day. Empowered females around the world are being celebrated for their efforts to affect positive change. But some of the greatest inspirational stories go untold—those of the most hard-pressed but resilient women on earth. Yesterday, going back through my nonprofit's family surveys for a slum in Kenya, I noticed things in a new light. Most of the women in our program—all with children under five years old—are single. There is an equal split between those married and widowed. One widow is 24 years old. She has three young children. The number of single women is especially remarkable when you look at a family’s income and expenses and consider that most of these mothers are dealing with this inequity alone. The average family spends $1.94 on fuel each week and $1.33 on water. Yet the average income for an adult was just over $2.00. No wonder their children were all hungry. Two families had eaten nothing at all the day before. No wonder their children were all filthy. Imagine being one of these mothers. Looking at your sick and starving children and feeling powerless, because you’re doing absolutely everything you can and it isn’t enough. But these women are heroes. Because they have hope. They struggle endlessly to work and care for their children—laboring with children strapped on their backs or tucked under their arms. They never stop trying. And with a little help from us, they will succeed.

Bianca Quintana from from Victorville, , United States, America- - 1/31/2011 2:03:23 PM
My hero is: My Mommy. My mom is my hero. Her name is Blanca and she is a single mom. She is my hero because she has two jobs and takes care of me and my little brother too. She also gives me and my little brother food, water, shelter and plenty of love. There is other reasons why my mom is my hero. She helps me with my projects and tries her best to help me on my homework. Another reason why she is my hero is because she has showed me that if you work hard you can accomplish almost anything. If you work hard you can have a good, well paid job. That is why my mom is my hero. That is also why me and my little brother love her so much.

Marianne from from , , , UK- - 12/28/2010 2:39:20 PM
My hero is: My Mother. My hero is my Mother because she has always been there for me despite my not having treated her as well as i wished i had,despite her suffering for years because of my mental illness,she has always been there,she works extremely hard in a care Home for elderly people and has always taken care of me too.If i could have been the person my Mother is it is all i could wish for.She always manages to smile however bad things get,she is unbelievably strong even though she is in her sixties.I was so lucky to have always had my Mother to be there for me,She's Somebody's Hero-She is My Hero -and she always will be for All Eternity.

Eric Kenji Yokoyama from from São Paulo, , São Paulo, Brasil- - 11/22/2010 9:09:02 AM
My hero is: My mother. My hero is my mother, Eliana. She is my hero because she is in my everyday life, she always helps me when I need her and she had a lot of problems in her life. She had a difficult childhood. She and her little brother had to go to school by bus. At home, she had to study and after that, help her mother. But she faced her problems and nowadays she is an amazing architect, married with Luis, my father and has two children, me and Guilherme. She is a very busy person. In the morning she works and the rest of the day she stays at home doing the household chores.

Natalia Biscardi from from São Paulo, , São Paulo , Brazil- - 11/22/2010 9:07:10 AM
My hero is: My Mother . My hero is my mother, and at the same time my best friend. She is Célia Cristina Meronho. When she was 15 years old, she started to work, because her family was poor. She had hard life: worked, studied and helped in the house. After having gone through a difficult childhood, she married and had a daughter, me. Five years later she divorced and got my guard. She raised me by herself 11 years. I know I can always trust her, tell her all my secrets. Even after having gone through so many difficulties, she is a persevering woman, fights for what she wants, and always encourages me to move on and helps me with what I need. For all this and simply by being my mother, she is MY HERO!

Shanell M. from from New Haven, , CT, US- -
My hero is: Angel L. Duncan. My mother is my hero. Why? because she`s my everything I would be lost if she was not by my side right now, the most important year and age of my life. We have are good days and bad days but hey what child doesnt.

Brittnay from , Ohio, United States- -
My hero is: Aremetta C.. My hero is my mother. My mom is my hero because she is dedicated, hardworking, and a wonderful mother. My mother works at nursing home called CityView Nursing Home. She is also a shoe sales woman. She is a full time mother.

My mom accomplishments are that she won employee of the month. Another one of her accomplishments is that in my eyes she is the best mother a child could ask for. The thing that makes my mother special is that she loves me no matter what.

Ana from from São Paulo, , SP, Brazil- - 6/12/2010 5:58:44 AM
My hero is: Mom. My hero is my mom because she always helped me with my problems and learn me to believe in my dreams.

Thaís from from São Paulo, , São Paulo, Brazil- - 6/12/2010 5:55:08 AM
My hero is: My mother. because she is raised my sisters and i, helped my grandmother and my uncles, she works hard in a school. My mother understands me and problems, she is lovely and funny.

arianna from from Orlando, , Fl, - - 6/7/2010 5:28:13 AM
My hero is: priscilla brown. my mama is my hero because she helps me through everything.

Camila from from Manaus, , Amazonas, Brazil- - 5/30/2010 4:46:46 AM
My hero is: My mom. Even if she had to work a lot to help support me, she is a great mom, understanding, kind and lovely.

Nigel from from Euclid, , Ohio, America- - 5/24/2010 2:54:12 AM
My hero is: My Hero. My Hero My hero is my mom. My mom is my hero because she has helped me and taught me a lot of things in my life like how to play basketball. My mom works at University Hospitals she takes me there when I’m sick. Her accomplishments in life was that she got three awards in woman's High School basketball. That’s why my mom is my hero. My mom is special to me because she has done many things to make me happy and to help me. One thing she has done to make me happy was to take me out for ice cream and then take me to the park. One thing she helped me with was that she taught how to do math and how to read. Another thing she helped me to do was to teach me how to ride a bike. That’s why my mom is special to me.

Emily from from Lee's Summit, , MO, - - 5/20/2010 6:18:25 AM
My hero is: My mom. My favorite hero is my mom because my mom takes care of babies. She takes care of me and my sisters and her and dad. She cooks.

juliet Rozani from from johannersbug, , Africa, South Africa- - 5/9/2010 9:55:07 PM
My hero is: Faith Rozani -my mother. This woman has inspired me through all my life, she has held my hand and taught me so much that life doesn't come easy and that you have to work hard for what you want.In bad times of being in war with peer pressure she has stood by me,not telling the world of my mistakes or judging me,but inspired me for the better.Today i stand so tall with so much energy as a young woman to conquer the world and i am not afraid...I live my life under the umbrella of beauty and revolution...And i owe it all to my HERO-FAITH ROZANI

DESIREE NUNO from from coachella, , californina, united states- - 5/6/2010 4:14:17 PM

Jordan from from Manhasset, , NY, USA- - 5/5/2010 3:39:31 AM
My hero is: My mom. My mom is my hero because she is basically the hardest worker in the family. She does everything! My dad works a lot at his job and so does my mom, but she is the one who plans everything and organizes things. She is also the one who cooks everything! It is really hard when she leaves to go on buisness trips because my dad has no idea how to do things! My mom is amazing!

susie from from plainview, , ny, us- - 5/5/2010 2:56:53 AM
My hero is: My Mom. She is always there for me

Khayla from from Golden, , CO, united states - - 4/12/2010 4:32:19 PM
My hero is: My Mom . My mom is my hero because when my dad was not there she was.When they got divorced she was the mom and the dad for the longest time.She would go days without eating just to feed me and my 2 younger siblings and what makes her even better is that she said she would go through it again if the outcome was us.She went through a lot more than i can explain in a paragraph so i'll give a snip when i was 2 my uncle came and lived with us well one day he came home high and was doing crazy crap ripping pics off the wall and throwing things everywhere he knew i was laying on the floor and still did it.My brave mom risked her life for us,she locked us in a room me and my little bro and went out there he grabbed a towel rack and began choking her but good thing he come down or she might not of been here today so she did some pretty big things,being a single mother with 4 kids has to be and is hard for anyone as i seen as i have gotten how it put so much stress and other stuff on her this is why my mom is my everyday and forever hero!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor from from , , , - - 4/7/2010 2:30:34 AM
My hero is: Mommy. My hero My mom is definitely a hero. This is because all she has done and been through. My mom had me at a young age and lost my father before I was two. I think she is very brave and strong. I don’t think I’d be able to go through anything that difficult. For years she was a single mother with only the help of my grandmother. She also went to school and worked very hard. Adding to her going to school she also had a job. She sacrificed a lot to take care of me. When I was about five she had two more children, my brother and sister. Their father wasn’t always there and my mom supported the three of us while working and going to school. She went through high school and college with kids and built herself up from nothing.

MERILYN GOMEZ from from DALLAS, , TEXAS, DALLAS- - 3/31/2010 4:16:13 PM

monisha from from troutman, , sc, us- - 3/29/2010 8:51:29 AM
My hero is: my mother. my mother is the best in the world she does everything for me she never turns her back on me when i do the wrong thing she tries to help me learn from my mistakes and not to do them again

Carey from from , , , - - 2/8/2010 1:22:55 PM
My hero is: My mother. My mother is my hero because she stood up to society and claimed who she would be. She raised my brother and I, then had to deal with me bringing home a baby at the age of 16. Her being a young mother herself, she realized the pain that I had caused my life. And yet, she stood by me through it all. She didn't raise my child because she had already done a great job with raising me to know what to do. She is a true hero. She stayed strong when times were at it's worst. I love her for this!

Audreanna Scurlock from from Nashville., , Tennessee, USA- -
My hero is: Margi Marino.. My mommy is my hero because; She is fair, loving, and she doesn't judge me. She punishes us fairly. She makes us feel safe and secure. She will always care, even when no one else does. I love my mother, she is my hero.

My mom is fair because my brothers and I are always treated equal.

Alécia Philippini from from Campina Grande, , Paraíba, Brazil- - 11/25/2009 9:00:36 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mother is a very good and inteligent person. She is very patient, cool, funny, calm, and she understands me. She is a professor and do in a very good way her job. All of her students loves her! She can be at the same time, good professor, good mother, good wife, good home owner... some times I can't understand how, it's to much for herself! She likes to go out with me, make shopping, but nerver forgeting her obligations, for me she is a "perfect" person. She sings very weel, and play guittar too, like my father does. She loves me so much, and I loves her the most. I don't know what will be about me, if I don't have my mother with me!

Chelsea Hull from from , , Kansas, United States- -
My hero is: Shelley Hull. My Mom is the best Mom anyone could ever ask for. She has spent the last 20 years overcoming hardships and taking care of 5 kids; the oldest being twins who have been teenagers for several years. Though she grew up in a hard home, overcame a divorce, and stuggles with excrushiating migranes and neck and back pain daily, she has always been a loving, devoted, and sacrificing mother. She has sacrificed everything for us. My brothers and sister and I have been never appreciated her enough, or even realized just how much of herself she gives up to make our lives better. She has done more for her children than we could ever imagine. She gives up everything she loves to provide for us, and take care of us. We all respect her and love how even on days when she struggled with the worst physical and emotional pain, we were greeted everyday with a clean home and an after school snack. I dont know if my mom will ever see this, but I just wanted the world to know about my magnificent mother.

mauriunna glover from from florida, , jacksonville, usa- -
My hero is: mauriunna. my hero is my mom. she is a amzing person you ever wish to be a mother.she is a bravr person and a hard worker.and when im sick she their for me

Carli Wright from from Roseville, , CA, USA- -
My hero is: Natalie Norton Diedrich. Natalie Diedrich is not only my hero she is my mom. She is the most engouraging and loving person. She's like my bestfriend and that is why I could not live without her.She inspires me the most and that's why I chose her as my hero.

Ray Hazel from from King of Prussia, , PA, United States of America- - 11/9/2009 11:50:07 AM
My hero is: Moms. the ones who tuck you into bed at night. the ones who say sleep tight the ones that listen to your griping your tears are the ones they'll be wiping GO MOMS!! Basically I would be a depressed loser if it wasn't for my mom. They're the ones who are always on your side even when no one else is.

Tori from from Altoona, , PA, US- - 10/23/2009 10:41:07 AM
My hero is: My Mom and My Little Sister. My hero's are not superheros or movie star’s, they are two very important members of my family. My first hero is my mom. My mom gets up every morning at six o’clock to get ready for work and to send my little sister off to school. My mom is a CSS at the Blair County Head Start in Greenwood. When she comes home, from the head start, her second job begins; she takes care of my sister and me. I chose my mom as one of my role models because she does something that no other can do. She takes care of a severely autistic child and me, her sometimes bratty, hormonal teenage daughter, with out going insane. I hope that when I am grown, I inherit the trait of being able to take care of children all day and then come home to my children who may or may not have problems. My second hero is my little sister. My sister is the severely autistic child that my mom takes care of. My sister is five years old, she can not speak, she is incapable of doing many things, and she also has seizures; in a nut shell she needs my mom and I to take care of her 24/7. She goes to school at Ebner elementary, in one of the two Life Skills class rooms. My sister can not show me or tell me traits that I might want to go by in the future, like my mom for example, but she has given me many lessons without telling them to me. Some of those lessons include: It is absolutely ok to be different, do not make fun of people that are different than you, always be yourself, and go ahead and act like a nut and do not give a care to who is watching. I chose my sister as my role model because she has taught me so much in the so little time that she has been with me on this planet; she probably has not taught the most, about different things, but she has definitely taught me the most important things, that everyone needs to know, about life.

samantha gonzales from from palmdale, , california, north america- - 10/5/2009 8:50:17 AM
My hero is: Kelli Burrell. Well this lady is a peacemaker. She is always helping somebody and thats why i love her alot. This woman is my mother and my everything. She does not like drama or violence. But you dont want to get on her bad side. But other than that she is a strong woman and stands up for what she believes.

William Thompson from from raleigh, , nc, usa- - 10/2/2009 3:48:01 AM
My hero is: my mom. she takes care of me when no one else is there to and i love her for it even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes and i hope she knows that

micaela from from naga, , ny, eurasa- - 9/28/2009 6:51:17 AM
My hero is: mom. my mom is my heroine because she is always there 4 me. when i read 3 out 4 books of a saga and i really wanted the 4 she took her time out of the day to by it 4 me she is always smiling on matter what!!!!! and when i grow up and move away to washingtion or london i will pay 4 her plan ticket when she comes 2 visit.

mae from from sparks, , nevada, United States of America- - 9/21/2009 8:03:43 AM
My hero is: mom. My hero is my mom because she is proud for what she does and can stand up for other hero is my sister because she gets through drama and stands up for herself and her friends through grandma is my hero because she can do anything and is very strong.They are all my hero because i know that they would do anything for me and help me through anything.Also when i just need to talk about anything i know that any one of them are free even if my mom is at work i can call her and say anything {i just cant call her more than 3 times}ha.i love my whole family very much but these are the three girls that i feel the most comfortable talking to. Love, Mae

mae from from sparks, , nevada, United States of America- - 9/21/2009 8:01:45 AM
My hero is: mom. My hero is my mom because she is proud for what she does and can stand up for other hero is my sister because she gets through drama and stands up for herself and her friends through grandma is my hero because she can do anything and is very strong.They are all my hero because i know that they would do anything for me and help me through anything.Also when i just need to talk about anything i know that any one of them are free even if my mom is at work i can call her and say anything {i just cant call her more than 3 times}ha.i love my whole family very much but these are the three girls that i feel the most comfortable talking to. Love, Mae

Taylor from from Sparks, , Nevada, United States of America- - 9/21/2009 8:01:41 AM
My hero is: My Mom. My mom is my hero because she can deal with things that are hard to deal with .Things that seem impossible to me.I hope one day I hope i will learn to be like her.She is also nice and funny.I'm g lad my mom is who she is and I love her. SINCERELY, tAYLOR

Sabrina from from Sparks, , NV, USA- - 9/21/2009 8:01:01 AM
My hero is: My Mommy . My Mommy is my hero because she is always there for me. I can tell her anything, she kepps all my secrets. When i have a problem like someone being mean to me at school, she goes right to the teacher and makes sure it stops. She is never mean to me, she some times yells but she still loves me. She would do anything to prtect me, she would even risk her life to save me and my family. My Mommy is the nicest, prettiest, greatest person in the whole world! She will always love me and i will always love her. Without her i would not be here right now. She could never be better, because she is perfect. And this is why my Mommy is my Hero. :-)

Sabrina from from Sparks, , NV, USA- - 9/21/2009 7:56:45 AM
My hero is: My Mommy . My Mommy is my hero because she is always there for me. I can tell her anything, she kepps all my secrets. When i have a problem like someone being mean to me at school, she goes right to the teacher and makes sure it stops. She is never mean to me, she some times yells but she still loves me. She would do anything to prtect me, she would even risk her life to save me and my family. This is why my Mommy is my hero. :-)

Lizzie Allen from from Atlanta, , GA, Cobb- - 9/14/2009 5:27:57 AM
My hero is: Jennifer Allen. My hero is my mom because she opened a house for people thet just got out of jail. They get to come into the house and stay for 90 days. In that 90 days they have to get a job, cook for themselves, get their lives together.

Evelyn Salcido from from Newport Beach, , California, United States- -
My hero is: Lupita Salcido. My hero is my mom, Lupita Salcido because she has been through so many problems and health issues and she never gives up. She has done so many things for our family. My hero lives in California with me and my family. Thankfully she is still alive. She is important to me because she never gave up she kept working even though she was sick and couldnt really see, she kept doing her best and gave my family everything we needed.

Yaelle from from Saint sauveur, , Quebec, Canada- -
My hero is: Carole . For me, a hero is someone like you and me. Someone who is ordinary. A hero isn’t someone who saves lives every day. For me, a hero is someone who makes your day better, someone who makes you think about positive things. A hero isn’t like Superman, or Batman. It’s someone who lives an ordinary life and who isn’t any different than us.

My hero is someone very special to me. My hero is my mom because she is so brave and strong, and she really inspires me in everything. My mom has a very tough job; she works with people who are about to die, and sometimes, she comes home and tells me that her patient died in her arms. When she tells me that, I ask myself how she does this job because I could never be brave and strong enough to do what she does! My mom is so special in people’s hearts because she helps them through so much, and she helps their families also. My mom went through so many tough times in the past years that I cannot understand how she can still continue helping people when she needs time for herself. I am very proud of my mom and I want her to know how special and important she is to me!

nicole howell from from Tampa, , Florida, united sates- -
My hero is: Verna M. Perry. My mom is special to me and is my hero because she will help me through thick and thin because she cares and loves me the way all parents should. She is there for me no matter what. Like when I had a science project to do she said that she wasn't going to help me but thought that I needed help placing my board but I really didn't. She only helped me because I was moving too slow. Of my closest family members- my sister, my dad, and my mother, Verna - my mom helps me the most. She puts a lot of time and effort to help me on what I needed/need. When I had to do a project on a famous person that had to deal with history, I chose President Barack Obama, she helped me with that too. The only time that I have realized how much effort and time she goes through just to make my sister and I happy, is on the days that she either talks about it or on the days that she's nice to me. On those days I notice that she goes through a LOT. I thank her for that too whenever I say 'I love you mom' she says that love shows by how much you help me. Every time I say 'I love you' she says those exact words. She also helps me with my grammar and spelling. I LOVE YOU MOM.

lara kteeb from from alquds, , alquds, palestine- -
My hero is: rula sabri. My name is lara khateeb .10 years old I am from palestine in kufur aqab school , 6 grade . every one in the world has a hero and my hero is my mother [rula] . she is the symbol of love, she helps me to succeed in my education . I consider her as an example of honor , truth and honesty . In future ,I want to be like her

valeria trujillo from from colton, , calefornia, bear- -
My hero is: mom. i love my mom she supports me and she really cares about me and even though when she gets mad at me she treats me like nothing had ever happened

i also like her as my hero bcuz she always does good things for people and she always supports others and helps them out when they need it i want to be just like her.

thirdly she always helps me out with home work and she always helps out my grampa. my mom is very kind pationt and throughall out very generouse

she always helps the poor and gives food to the orphanage kids when she has time through when she wakes up till she goes back to sleep. she is not selfish at all

my mom is my hero i love her and nothing will ever change between us

Brittnie from from , , South Dakota, United States- -
My hero is: Aimee . Aimee is my mother, best friend and my hero. She has influenced me in many ways. I think she hasn't only had influences on me but others too. She is a very caring person. She is there for me for me day, night, anytime and any place.

As my mother she is loving, caring, and funny. my mother handles her children differently if we were to get in trouble. Instead of punishing us by being grounded or something being taken away, she doesn't do things like that to us. She doesn't treat us or look at us any different if we have made a big mistake.

Angel from from Mountain House, , CA, USA- -
My hero is: Hilda. My hero is someone who understands, someone who is there for me; my mom. My mom is loving, honest, and trustworthy. she inspires me to do good things. My mom also tells me when I do something wrong. I can always trust her to do something for me.

I picked my mom because she is honest. My mom is honest because I can always count on her to do something for me. My mom also tells me when I do something wrong. And she returns things that are not hers.

calvon london from from new haven, , ct, united states- -
My hero is: Elsie London. my mom is my hero because she does anything for me if it wasn't for her i wouldn't be here right now. i thank my mother for everything. without my mother things wouldn't be possible. I love my mother to death she is there when i'm down in the dumps and asks me what's wrong and eveything my mother is a strong woman.

Angelica mosley from from roswell, , ga, usa- -
My hero is: Trenia . hey my nmae is angelica.I am here to tell you a little something about my mother .She is the best person in my lfe i love her to death . She has always been there for me through thick and thin .So i jus want to say thank and i love you .

arina from from Bandung, , West Java, Indonesia- -
My hero is: . Hello.. now, I want to tell you about my mother. My mothers name is Anna Prononingrum. She was born in Yogyakarta. She is my hero. ya... She is not only my hero but also my inspiration too. I want to be like my mother. she is very patient to all people. So all her friends are very sympathic and responsible to her. i love her very much.

Heather Hogen from from owatonna, , MN, USA- -
My hero is: Caren Lynn Kircher. My mom is probably one of my biggest heros in my life.This is because she has always been there for me and always will be. She has been there for me through thick and thin. I love her to death. She is also the best role model I have. She got her GED and she is a very respectful,honest,and cool person to be with. Thanks MOM!

Falisha Skaggs from from Greenfield, , IN, USA- -
My hero is: Cheryl Skaggs . My mom is my hero becuase she always knows what to say to cheer me up. She has taught me right from worng and when I make a bad choice she lets me but then she explains why I got hurt or why my punishment was so bad. She never lets me quit.

Malik Jones from from Wyandanch, , NY, USA- -
My hero is: Tynesha. My hero is my sister. Her name is Tynesha. I love her.

My sister, Tynesha is like a second mother to me. She cooks, cleans and helps me with my homework. She works hard. She is my hero because she does things to help and she is caring.

Mohamed Lehjef from from Laayoune, , Morocco, Morocco- - 7/23/2009 11:07:33 AM
My hero is: My Mom. She is my hero because she educated us, Our dad used to be a military and as such he was always away. So she was the one who took care of us.We were ten brothers and sisters and it was hard for her to take care of us. But she succeeded. Today all of us are working and have a successful life.

Diouf Papa from from Kaolack, , Senegal, Senegal- -
My hero is: Mame Diarra Bousso. The virtuous Mame Diarra was the mother of Sheik Ahmadou Bamba, founder of mouridism, the apostle of non violence in Senegal.

hannah whitaker from from fort myers, , fl, us- -
My hero is: hannah whitaker. when I was about three years old my mom had an idea that we should volunteer for other people. so my mom found a community retirement home. We memorized some birthday songs and from that day on we have been singing for old people. Every time we go there and sing we fill there eyes with tears. I fell happy when we go there. And they are glad we go there.

nedra Anderson from from BROOKLYN, , united states, new york- -


Ashley from from Pontotoc, , Mississippi, United States of America- - 7/8/2009 8:13:50 AM
My hero is: Jamie. Jamie is my mom. She has had a very hard life. Her mother abandoned her when she was a teenager. She was left with three brothers and a father who knew nothing about girls. She was now the woman of the house. She had to learn to cook and clean. She burnt most of the meals. She even had to stop school on some days because of her younger brother being sick. She missed many days of school because she had to take care of the family. She finally got to take care of herself.

pietra from from sao paulo, , barueri, brazil- - 5/22/2009 5:12:16 AM
My hero is: clara hale. Info about Clara hale: she passed away December 18 1992 at the age of 87. She is an African American woman named Clara Hale or better yet known as “Mommy Hale”. Clara Hale made a difference because she was the founder of “The Hale House Foundation”, which was a foundation for children whose mothers were addicted to drugs but, later became an organization that helps kids that have HIV and AIDS. “The Hale House” took in over a 100 children in almost every week. Miss Clara Hale of course didn’t do this all alone. She had the help of her daughter Lorraine and lots of other staff members. Clara Hale was a very sweet and kind lady who couldn’t say no to a sick child in need. When Clara Hale died she passed her legacy on to her daughter, and her daughter carried on her dream until the year 2001 which is the year Lorraine left but the foundation still goes on till this day, which is run by her fellow staff members. This person motivates me to help others because there is nothing wrong with helping other people and all people need help, and helping someone by giving a few dollars to them or giving them a place to stay may be something small to us but, means a lot to them in a great way and could have a major impact on their lives. It may also give them the courage to help change their own lives around because then they would know that they are not alone in the process because there would always be someone to help pick them up when they fall. Clara Hale is important in the world because she saved many children and gave them a home to stay in. All the kids love Clara she was like a real mother to them. The things that mattered most to her was that she made sure she still took care of her real kids and that she wouldn’t leave them behind, no matter what. She was a great mother and always stuck to her job of taking care of the kids. Clara Hale was a great person and will always be remembered. Clara Hale was a very loving and generous kind of person; especially to many foster children she has cared for in her life. Clara Hale has touched so many hearts; she just gave up her life to take care of children and shared her home with many children. First of all I think she is really a great heroic woman because she started off losing her husband in 1938, to having problems paying bills, and trying to get her kids a good education for the future. All of a sudden she wanted to foster other kids that aren't her own as a licensed foster parent. This woman is my hero because she cares so much about children and she would never refuse a child in NEED! I really admire this woman; she was a miracle worker. Clara Hale was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She has suffered through many things in her lifetime. She became an orphan at 16, and a widow at the age of 27. She only had her children, and she kept them close. She adopted a third child, and raised him as her own child. She became known as Mother Hale to everyone in her neighborhood.

Leila from from , , LA, CA- - 5/21/2009 2:44:09 PM
My hero is: My hero is my mom. My hero is my mom because she was a lawyer. When I was born she quit her job for me and Ariana. She also work's for a charity. I love my mom.

lariscia from from , , wichita, - - 5/12/2009 9:05:53 AM
My hero is: my mommy and daddy. my heros are my mom and dad they are very responsible people to talk to and i love them and they know how i feel but they just dont act like it and they are showing me and my bro and sisters dicapline they want us to be very good responsible parents and thats why they are my heros i love them

STEPHANIE from from AURORA, , COLORADO, US- - 5/10/2009 3:37:41 AM

roderick b from from garland, , dallas, north america- - 5/7/2009 4:19:30 AM
My hero is: my mom. my mom is my hero because she has always been there for me and she has taught me right from wrong and i want to give a huge shoutout to my mom

Taylor from from Garland, , Texas, US- - 5/7/2009 4:07:21 AM
My hero is: My hero is my mom!. My mom has always been there for me. She feeds me and Tkes me to school every morning. She washes my cloths and buys my cloths!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

Lorraine Curtis from from New York, , New York, USA- - 5/7/2009 2:52:19 AM
My hero is: Mrs. Josephine Magistrale. This is a 88 year old mom who is doing the best job of caring for a sick sister who has been ill throughout most of her adult life. She is a lady who has a very religious background and strong Catholic beliefs. She is direct and steadfast and willing to learn. I have had many days, that I have reflected on her ability to care for both herself and the family over the years and she should be honored for her role as a grandmother ,and parent. She has had the opportunity to live in a wonderful Bronx community that is full of stores, and community events. A place of racial diversity and balance. She has traveled and enjoyed many places with the family she loves. She has had many parties, weddings and celebrations that have made her happy! A grandparent of many successful adults already and even one of a new young four year old, Logan. Our children will be able to carry on our Italian-American heritage, as productive ,educated members of New York city and New York state. Our children are our mom's legacy of appreciation of our talents, intelligence and our differences! Mom we all "thank you" and wish you continued good health and happiness this Mother's Day!

MICAELA from from KIEL, , WISCONSIN, USA- - 5/6/2009 8:23:54 AM

Mariana Silva from from Mount.Vernon, , New York, United States- - 5/5/2009 8:39:18 AM
My hero is: my mother. shes my everything she been there my every move since i was in her womb she never gave me up she stood there even when my father left she stood there in pain trying her hardest to make money taking care of 3 kids on her own but she never gave up shes so amazing now that everythings much better my brothers are older we have a very nice house my brothers got jobs so does she i go to school everything is so much better and through all the bad things before the better came she was the one who stood there taking care of us watching us grow shes a powerful woman smart woman strong woman and she'll awalys be there.

imani rivers from from murrieta, , CA, USA- - 5/4/2009 3:15:17 PM
My hero is: my mom. i luv u mom u r the greatest hero in the world

Mar'Che from from KCK, , Kansas, USA- - 5/4/2009 6:35:19 AM
My hero is: Oprah Winfrey. Oprah teaches young people to not get involved in drug abuse or child abuse which is wrong to do at a young age such as 16. She wants all kids to follow their dreams and I will follow mine. I want to be Like Oprah Winfrey.

Bethanie from from Dayton, , Tennessee, U.S.A- - 4/27/2009 3:52:19 AM
My hero is: dianna sharpe. Dianna Sharpe is my hero.She was a christian person, and she had a brain tumor.Her Brain Tumor would get worse every day.She kept a journal about my sisters and me.She would tell how she felt in that journal like if she had a serious headack.One day she went to the hospital to have a check up because she felt horrible .The very next day she asked daddy to get up real early for her medicine,she told him to hurry up[he ran].he had her medicine and he gave it to her,she would not take it.THE next thing you know the ambulance takes her and checks if shes dead[she was].I went with my dad to the cemitary and she got buried.MY mom is my hero because she faught her pain just to take care of us and write in our grow-up journals.EVERY body loved her,expecially me and my sisters,and my daddy. If you got to know her you would love her more than your houspet. SHE WAS A GREAT GREAT GREAT MOTHER.

Nanami from from Clarksville, , TN, USA- - 4/26/2009 6:47:59 AM
My hero is: My mom,Miho. Everyone has at least one hero. What is a hero? Many people think a hero is a strong person,but I think it is a person who makes positive difference in my life.I have many heroes,but today I'm talking about one of my heroes. My hero is my mother ,because she gave birth to me. If she had not brought me into this world I would not have met so many people .She brought me up to now .So I want to say to my mother ,"Thank you!!"

Michelle Cross from from north syracuse, , new york , - - 4/24/2009 7:17:11 AM
My hero is: my mom. My mom is my hero because she has always been there for me though the ups and downs. Also i trust her and know that she will always be there for me.

Franciso from from , , , - - 4/24/2009 4:54:02 AM
My hero is: My Mom and Dad. 4/23/09 Francisco Gonzalez Period 2 My heroes are my parents because they were there when I was born. My mom was the one who changed my diapers. Without a hero we probably would not be here like we are now. We all have a hero. A hero doesn’t have to be strong. Everyone can be a hero even a dog can be a hero. Jesus is one of our first heroes because he sacrificed for us on the cross.

Michael from from Clarksville, , TN, USA- - 4/23/2009 4:51:19 AM
My hero is: My mom. My hero would be my mom. My mom is my hero because she sacrificed many things for my life. There are many things that my mom sacrificed like her time to go to my football games instead of to work. She’ll take care of me when I am sick or in need of help. I love my mom for being my hero. She has been there for me when I was little and always will be and that is who my hero is.

mohammed hassan from from brooklyn, , new york, united states of america- - 4/19/2009 2:54:52 PM
My hero is: My mom. my hero is my mom. she helps me with everything. whenever i need something my mom is there. my mom is mighty mom for me. my mom has done more thing then i could remember. once wen i was 5 i was swim in the beach in bangladesh i was drowning everybody was like where is he then my mom went in the water and searched me till she found me and she saved my life, and ill never forget that day. my hero lives with he in america. my hero is alive hopefully always will. my hero is important to i would never wanna see her cry. she made a difference to me because without her i would be no one.

rafia from from new york , , brooklyn, usa - - 4/16/2009 2:18:14 PM
My hero is: my mom . my hero is the best she always helps me out in so many things .....

Mark Holland from from Cincinnati, , Ohio, USA- - 4/15/2009 6:39:51 AM
My hero is: Earl & Ruth Holland. My father & mother did an excellent job raising me with very high moral standards. They provided me with a college education. The introduced me to the Lord. They passed down a family business. The have been wonderful grandparents to my two wonderful children. They are my heroes. Thanks mom & dad!

maranda hatfield from from rohnert park, , california, united states- - 4/13/2009 1:54:29 PM
My hero is: my mom,Trina. my mom is my hero because she protects me and lets me have freedom. she cares for me and I'm so happy she's my mom. i could never ask for another mom. she helps me live my life and loves me to death. she is there for me even when I'm wrong. She listens to my problems, and helps me solve them. She has also helped me learn right from wrong and i have pretty much grown up in her footsteps. she taught me a lot like how to care but not get mad at little things. If i don't like something she's doing then she'll stop cause she respects me. She's with me through everything. I tell her everything and i would never keep a secret from her and she tells me almost everything. We have a really good relationship and i would never want to change it. I never want to hurt her or make her mad. If she tells me to do something i will do it if not then i get my punishment like a regular parent would do to a teen. Well she doesn't ask me to do to much, thankfully. i love her and wouldn't want a different mommie!

Lindsey from from Houston, , Texas, U.S.A.- - 4/13/2009 7:23:18 AM
My hero is: mom. My mom is awsome but she's strict. She supports me the best way she can. She gives me shelter, food, care, and love. She can't play with me that much though because she is busy working in MD Anderson. She does typing and organizing as an assistant. She has a few strict rules though but as I get older she weakens the rules because she trust me. To me she's the perfect and right mom for me.

Andrew from from Los Angeles, , CA, USA- - 3/25/2009 11:02:43 AM
My hero is: my mom. my mom lived a rough life most people who do can be mean and take it out on their kids but my mom never does. she saves lives. every night shes out taking care of babies. It must be scary hoping to god the babie ends up okay. she is a nurse.

CRiStAl GUtiERREz from from SAN JOSE, , CALIFORNIA, AMERiCA- - 3/2/2009 11:34:05 AM

guadalupe contreras from from san jose, , california, america- - 3/2/2009 11:31:04 AM
My hero is: MoM AnA. i Am HeRe tO taLk To yOu aBoUt My HeRo.mA HeRo Is My mOm bEcAuSe sHe Is A gReAT pErSoN ShE loVeZ tO hElP otEr PeOpLe sHe LoVeS tO hElP mE Nd My BrOtHErS. ShE loVeS tO coOK sHe wOuLd HeLp aNyOnE nO mAtTer If thEy dOnT LiKe HeR. sHe HaS 2 JoBs Nd wE DnT gEt To SeE hEr EvErYdAy. i wIlL aLwAyS hAvE mA mOm In mY HEaRt I LoVe HeR!!!!!! sHe wOuLd aLwAyS Be iN My HeArT!!!!!!! iWoUlD aLwAyS hELP mA mOm ArOuNd ThE HoUsE oR aNyThInG sHe wOuLd AlWaYs bE mY nUmBeR 1 hErO!!!! i loVe My MoM aNd I WilL tRy My BEsT tO bE liKe hEr!!!!! sHe HaS aLwAyS bEeN tHeIr FoR uS Nd We WiLl AlWaYs Be tHeIr FoR hER!!! I wIlL aLWaYs lOvE mY moM =) lOvE, gUaDaLuPe cOnTrErAs

tori from from st.louis, , united states, mosouri- - 2/20/2009 3:12:58 AM
My hero is: my mommy. because she is always there for me.she gets me what i need when ineed it.she never backs down from a challange.and she is the best mommy she can be!

marie from from richland, , oh, mansfield- - 2/12/2009 9:25:49 AM
My hero is: my mom. my mom because she is the best mom she is pretty cool nice and smart and i love her

Abby McDonald from from Tampa, , FL, USA- - 1/25/2009 12:53:01 PM
My hero is: My mom. My mom helps people that are sick or hurt in the hospital. I love her very much. She helps me all the time with stuff and is always there for me. When I am sick she takes care of me. My mom is the best because she is always willing to help people in need anywhere and all the time.

Shivonne Riley from from Richmond, , Virginia, USA- - 1/14/2009 7:32:19 AM
My hero is: My Mother. She is sweet, funny, and gorgeous. This describes my hero, who is my mother. She is a tall, has a calm voice, and seems like a young woman to me. She is very understanding. My mom is my hero because I really understand her and she is caring. The relationship I have with me mother is very good. she helps me with my homework and any situations that are bad. When I get home from school, I call my mom when she is on her way to work, and tell her how my day went. I like to tell my mom everything because she gives me her advice. Sometimes I don't like the advice she gives me but I find out that I really have to use them in other situations. My mother is my hero because she understands me. She is sweet and lovable. We like the same things, but also dislike certain things. We also have a great relationship. That's why she is my hero because we both love, understand, and have respect for each other.

Dylan Moore from from , , , - - 1/14/2009 7:21:20 AM
My hero is: Tracey Moore. Some people think that characters from comic books and celebrities are heroes. To me, I don’t think that’s a hero. A hero is someone that really means something; someone that I can look up to, that influences me, and guides me through life. My hero is my mom, Tracey Moore. She’s the person that means most to me. I look up to my mom for a lot of reasons. My mom has taught me great things in my life that I will always fall back on. She has taught me how to never give up on anything. My mom has given me all the things I have wanted and always makes me happy. She has a good heart and would do anything for anybody. All of the wonderful things she’s done in life have impacted me in every way possible. Plenty of things that influence me in life are things that my mom has said to me. She influences me everyday to do well in school. One of the biggest things she’s influenced me with is to stay strong. My mom always tells me that whenever I get upset or pushed around to always look past it. Everything she has always told me stays with me so whenever I have those bad days; I will have her words to look back on. My mom has guided me through life since the day I was born and that’s how I got where I am today. The guidance she gives me is special and something I have always counted on. I know I’m growing older and soon I will not need it anymore but I need as much guidance I can get from her. My mom corrects me on all mistakes I make so I know what’s right and wrong. Everything she’s done for me and helps me out or makes me smarter. My hero is a great person in every way possible. That’s why I chose her as my hero. She is some one that I can look up to, that influences me, and guides me through life. My mom is the person that means most to me.

Brittney from from Chester, , Virginia, usa- - 1/14/2009 6:00:32 AM
My hero is: Kumiko Neely. Kumiko is my mom. She's a great person. She has gone through many obstacles. She was born in Japan and lived there for the first three years of her life. She is a sweet, caring person. She has two near death experiences. She died when she was a baby and was revived and also a year before I was born. She is alot like me she even acts like a teenager sometimes. She is usually happy and likes to make people feel better if something bad has happened. She is a great person and always encourages me to do my best and never give up hope. Although so many things have happened in her life she never looks back on them like she's trying to forget them. She is Asian and has slanted brown eyes. She has a high pitched voice and also has blackish brown hair. My mom is amazing to me because of the many things she got through in her life.

Lauren from from Chester, , Virginia, Usa- - 1/13/2009 7:33:54 AM
My hero is: Oma. A hero is someone who is special to you. It could be anyone you want it to be. Usually it's your dad or mom. Mine is my grandma. I call her oma because that German for grandma. Oma is a very sweet lady. She has always been there for me. She is the best.Plus, she is my only one. Oma is funny in her own way. she loves her soap operas and is always watching them. She is 72 years old and has been married for 50 years. She taught herself to read English by reading the newspapers. She even had to sneak across the border. It's a miricle she is still here. She always watched me while my parents were at work. She spoils me too.I love her to death.

Colin Kitchen from from chester, , va, us- - 1/13/2009 7:29:04 AM
My hero is: My mom. One of my heroes is my Mom. I choose to write about my Mom because she is a gargantuan influence to me. She has guided me through life, and taught me skills I will later use in life. My mom is a hero to me like a little kid’s hero is Spiderman. I choose my mom as a hero to me because she has raised me, and loved me. My mom is petite, scrawny, and has brown hair. My mom’s voice is typical, but sometimes earsplitting. Also her behavior is very content, and thunderous. She talks a lot, but that’s just to educate and tell me how life is in the real world. The connection I have with my mom is out of this world. We fool around around all the time. We joke, and chuckle at each others jokes. Sometimes we don’t get along because she has to get on me for not cleaning my room, or something else I didn’t do. But any other time we get along. Since my mom had me I’ve influenced her to have more children. After I was born she told me that I would be her only child. Now I have a brother, but I think she’s settling down now. My Mom is my beloved hero out of all of them. She is the finest Mom in the whole world. She helped me get from beginning to end in life. Sometimes in bad ways, but most of the time in good ways. My mom is my hero just like the Hulk is my brother’s hero.

Mariah from from Chester, , Virginia, USA- - 1/13/2009 7:16:34 AM
My hero is: Beverly Nelan. I don’t really have a “hero”, but I do look up to and admire my Grandma Nelan. I still don’t understand how she can stay sane doing what she does. Her number one priority and is family and helping anyone in need. She always says the right thing. My grandma is one of the few people in my life I can go to any time when I need help. My grandma is amazing. No other grandma could compare. She’s not very tall and wears glasses. She’s 62 years old but still working like she 20. She’s always nice and comforting, but stern when needed. I tell my grandma just about everything. She’s the one in charge of getting the family together for holidays and other events. Visiting sick people in the hospital is something she’s always doing. She is also the minister at New Ville Church in Prince George Virginia. Before then, she worked at fort lee, and I didn’t get to see her as much. I don’t think anything unusual ever really happens between me and my grandma. Every year she gets a free stay at a condo in North Carolina, and she almost always gives it to me and my mom. Every time I beg her to come with us, but she rarely gets the time off. I also go stay at her Ranch often during the summer. It’s a good chance to get away from stress and just relax. Spending time with her is always fun. I really love that my grandma can be so strong through such difficult times. Even if something is bothering her, she won’t ever show it. I hope I can be as great as her when I get older. My respect for her grows every day. I know that I can call her anytime.

Emily Haynes from from Chester, , Virginia, United States- - 1/13/2009 6:56:14 AM
My hero is: My Mom.. My mom, Pam Haynes, is my hero. She has always been there for me. Like when I was in third grade. I was getting teased by this boy, and when I told the teacher and the boy’s mom, they did nothing about it! But one day, my mom and I saw him at this restaurant. He turned around, saw my mom and me, and then quickly hid underneath the table when my mom gave him this evil glare. He never teased me again after that glorious day. But that’s not the only reason I look up her. There’s so much more than that! She is very responsible, hard working, trustworthy, intelligent, and much, much more! Not to mention very pretty. She doesn’t even look her age! She looks like she’s in her mid 30s, but she really 44! She’s also very tough, but that’s how you get when you’ve been in the army. Before I was born, and some time after, my mom worked with the army. She even learned how to use a machine gun! How many moms know how to use a machine gun? I’ve also had many fun times with my mom. One time, we were down by the lake fishing. Now there are many varieties of animals that live in our lake, but I have never seen a catfish as big as the one my mom almost caught. She pulled really hard to get that catfish out of the water, but instead, it dragged her in. I still admire her for trying her best to get that fish. That is probably one of the best memories that I have of that lake. Although we’ve had some spats at each other, we still have a pretty big bond with each other. And I intend to keep it. So when I grow up, I want to be just like her. Smart, funny, and pretty. Then, I know, my life will be good.

Darian Bradley from from Chester, , Virginia, - - 1/13/2009 6:02:09 AM
My hero is: Tonya Bradley. My hero is Tonya Bradley. Shes married, has six kids, and goes to school. She is my female inspiration. She has hepled shape me into the woman that I am. She has set guidelines, rules, and restrictions for my benefit. Tonya has raised six wonderful children while her husband has been in and out. He is in the army. She started at the age of fifteen and has only gotten better at it. She has sacrificed a lot for me and my sisters to be here today. My mom is the most beautiful woman to me. Even though I go and do many dumb things without thinking, she has always been there. I am very grateful and thankful that she is my mother. When I grow up, I will raise my children and hold a household just as she did.

Devin Schumann from from Enon, , Virginia, Chesterfield- - 1/13/2009 5:35:42 AM
My hero is: MOM. My hero is my mom. She is only five feet tall, but has a soft, sarcastic, and commanding voice. Though she is small, she is vey self-confident, and has never once doubted herself. The easiest way to describe my mom would be that even though she is small and nice, she has a take charge attitude that anyone can respect. I’m one of the people that respect it the most. To me, my mom has one of the ideal characteristics that make up a true hero, she struggled. My mom grew up poor in Long Branch, New Jersey with four brothers and sisters, and multiple stepfathers. Growing up without basic necessities like heat and electricity made her strong. She was already independent and was working by the age of fourteen. This helped shape her into the person she is today. Our relationship is like most other relationships between a mother and son. There is one major difference though. She fully knows what its like to be an independent teenager. She dealt with over-doses of pressure and problems, which she now uses to help me when I have a problem. With her help I will never make the same mistakes she made. I think the biggest influences that my mom has had over me is making me relieve that I should appreciate what I have. Growing up, my mom had little to nothing, and had to make do with what she had. This is something that she reminds me of every day. Another reason she is a hero is because she is a natural born leader. She always steps up to the plate, takes control, and deals with her problems head on. A role-model, a hero, and a mother are things that describe my mom. She is a role-model and a great person to be like. She is my and inspires me everyday. She is my mother and will always look out for me. I hope that I can someday take some of her traits and use them to some ones hero myself.

Colton Edwards from from Chester, , Virginia, U.S.A- - 1/13/2009 5:33:25 AM
My hero is: My Mom. My mom, Rebekah, is my greatest hero; she’s taken care of me all of my life. At 36 she is still young and beautiful living life to its fullest. For 5 years she took care of me alone with the help of friends, family and my preschool once my biological father abandoned us. Right now she also has a daughter, my stepsister Kayla. After going through a divorce, which she is still in the middle of, with my stepdad she is struggling emotionally and financially but she still hangs on. She’s always been there for me and taught me so many things and even helped me with some of my problems. I feel that she’s the greatest mother that a sun could have: understanding, caring, loving, generous, determined and best of all, fun to be around. Most of the time she has to put up with my sister and I, it puts a lot of stress on her but she still deals with it and gives us discipline. I know she’s always going to be there for me and help me get through life like she always has. When she’s gone she’ll still be my one and only greatest hero in life and no one else.

Joshua landry from from chester, , va, U.S- - 1/13/2009 5:27:12 AM
My hero is: My Mom. The person who influences me the most I’m my life has been my mom. The reason I have chosen my mom is because, she is one of the most responsible people I know. She is loving and caring, and very fun to be around. Without her, I wouldn’t be here (literally). She has influenced my life in so many ways. My mom is a very exciting person. Whenever I’m feeling sad or down, I just talk to her and I feel way better than I did before. She is kind of on the short side; she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very pretty smile. She is someone who I would trust my life with. I would never trade her for anything in this world. My mom works two jobs right now. But even she has work a long time and gets home; she is in a very happy mood…well at least most of the time. She grew up with one brother and one sister. And she had parents who were always to “busy” to pay any attention to them, so she practically raised her siblings. She and her sister have always been really close. When my mom was fifteen, she got pregnant. And I think that when she was seventeen, she got married. But shortly after that she got divorced. Eventually she and my dad met, and, well, fell in love. And as of right now they have been married for 20 years. She has three daughters and two sons. And she is pretty much a super-mom. But in the end, my mom is the best person in my life that I know. Even when we go through though situations, she helps me out. My mom is one of the people who would go out of her way to help someone. I love my mom and wouldn’t trade the world for her.

Cheyenne Hartman from from Louisa, , Virginia, United States of America- - 1/6/2009 6:07:04 AM
My hero is: My Mother. My mother is my hero. Her name is Joy Hartman. She is my hero because she adopted me. She wanted me. I was on the "list" of kids that we're to be adopted and my mom fought the list and the Social Services of Virginia just to be able to call me her daughter. It took a very long time, with lots of calls and letters to the State. She had already adopted my sister Kerry Anne and she knew she was called to be my mommy too. She could have given up at any time, but she just kept fighting harder and harder til the State finally gave in. She inspires me to always fight for what I believe in. My dream is to some day be a woman just like her. Cheyenne Hartman

Jazzelyn Patten from from lethbridge , , Alberta, canada- - 1/5/2009 4:53:07 PM
My hero is: Julie Patten . Julie Patten is my mom she is a hero because she has five kids and has helped three teenagers by opening up the door to our home for them to have a better life. She works full time just completed a college certificate (doing this when we were in bed so she wouldn't be away from us to much) plus she has all of us.My mom has helped so many people because she is a helping kind of person. She would give the shirt off her back for someone in need. She has helped me through it all when I need money she gives it to me when I need a hug she gives me one, and when I need her to listen she's there for me we have a code for our special talks. I love my mom. My mom also works with people with special needs so has so much patience and love for everyone but the people with disabilities have her heart. Where ever we go she will stop and make them smile or feel good when they leave her presence.My mom is cool and shes my hero. My mom has a heart of gold. thank you mom you rock By: Jazzelyn Patten mom you my hero...

jazzelyn patten from from lethbrige, , Alberta, Canada- - 1/5/2009 4:15:42 PM
My hero is: julie patten. Julie Patten is my mom and I think shes my hero because she has five kids and she tries her hardest to play with all of us. She also has two doges and one cat. She cleans the house and she feeds the dogs and cat she has a hart of gold she treats us with respect and loyalty. Shes sufford lots because her dad died when she was little and her uncle died a cupple of weeks ago her anty is dieing because her anty has cancer. My mom has put me in all the things that I want to go in. She has foster d three kids there all my cousins one is in a band Incura, one has a very cute babe and a husband, ane the last one is going back to school well in this case going to university and going to get a real job. My family is so Luke to have my mom. My mom has a wonderful husband and a wonderful nana. I gust want to say thank you mom for having a beautiful/hansom family and you the best mom in the whole world you rock. THANK YOU MOMMY By:Jazzelyn Patten

Zak Bossom from from Citrus Heights, , California, U.S.A- - 1/5/2009 2:35:21 PM
My hero is: Robyn Bossom. Robyn Bossom is my hero because she gave birth to me and she is my mom. She was with me through all my life and was with me when my dad left us when i was two months old. Thats why I love my mom and why she is my hero.

Savannah Smith from from Greenfield, , Indiana, United States- -
My hero is: Kimberly A. Davidson. My mom is someone who is kind, caring understanding, responsible, strong, and most importantly LOVING!! She has helped me through so much. Without her I would be lost. She's helped me when i am hurt, lost, confused, sad, and she has definitely helped me through all the drama in my life.

She is a beautiful woman. She has a heart the size of the earth. Yet knows when she has to be tough mostly to me put back in place.

hager from from toronto, , ontario, canada- -
My hero is: magda . I picked my mom because she done so much for me for the pass years and she still does.

alondra from from oxnard, , california, los angeles- - 12/6/2008 5:59:48 AM
My hero is: my mom. she help me cach up to my grades and becuse i love her

Esther from from Grande Prairie, , Alberta, Canada- - 5/8/2008 6:27:35 AM
My hero is: Alison Dodd. My hero is my mom. She is my hero because she had eight kids and always made time for all of us. I love my mom very much.

Jen from from Trenton, , New Jersey, USA- - 5/8/2008 4:12:55 AM
My hero is: My Mom. My mom is my hero because she is the nicest most caring person EVER! She takes care of me and my 10 brothers and sisters. And she does her best at it. She is always running around taking us to different places! I LOVE MY MOM!

Hannah from from Bar Harber, , Maine, USA- - 5/8/2008 4:07:28 AM
My hero is: My Mommy. My mommy is my hero because she is always there for my. One day when I was at home and she was at a huge job interview she left and came home just because I hurt my arm! I think that my mom is the BEST!

siobhan from from edmonton, , , canada- - 4/23/2008 5:22:46 AM
My hero is: my mom and friends. my mom is my is my hero because she is always there for me and i love her.

Shaena from from edmonton, , , canada- - 4/23/2008 5:22:12 AM
My hero is: my mommy and friends. my mommy is my hero because she is always there for me when i need it and also cause shebuys me stuff i like! My friends are my hero because they are always there for me and without them i don't know what i'd do!!!

YESENIA from from FT.WORTH, , TX, U.S- - 4/22/2008 3:57:23 AM
My hero is: my mom. my mom works every day!!! she cleans the house she gos to work she takes care of 5 my sister me my brother and my dad even though he can take care of him self she washes his clothes cleans there room!!!she trys hard getting us better in school and SHES MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amy nieves from from queens, , new york, usa- - 4/15/2008 8:41:17 AM
My hero is: mother. my hero is my mother.i love her to death.shes my world and i dont know what i would do without her and i would cry like there is no tommrow shes my hero because she always on my side and shes always qot my baq ilove her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i would die without her I LOVE YU MOM!! and love my dad tooooo yur daughter amy nieves <3

ivanna from from Allen, , u.s.a, tx- - 4/8/2008 2:53:10 PM
My hero is: mom. hi my name is ivanna and my hero is my mom cause with out my mom u wouldnt be inthis world right now so if u are reading this you would want 2 hug youre mom your gave you birth made you the person you are right now not only your mom taught you to do all this stuff but your ad did to. now even know your parents give you a punishment its not cause they hate you thier just doing the right thing and thier just doing the right thing so go hug your parents remember im right! AND I ALWAYS HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! by:ivanna. a parent is a parent

Desiree from from Tangerang, , Banten, Indonesia- - 4/4/2008 9:56:37 PM
My hero is: Mrs.Kho Hoei Khiem. My Hero My name is Desiree. I’m from Sekolah Dian Harapan and I have a special hero in my life. Although she’s not famous or special for other people, she would always be my hero. She is a great woman who would never leave me alone and who always wants and knows the best for me. Actually, she’s my lovely mom and her name is Mrs.Kho Hoei Khiem.

For me, a hero is someone who would do something what other people would not do. Someone who would sacrifice themselves just for other people’s need. My mom is definitely a perfect hero! She sacrificed her time, her dreams and even her own importance just for my family and I know that not many women would do something like this.

Like I told you before, her name is Mrs.Kho Hoei Khiem. She was born in Jakarta and she’s the youngest of five children, who’s parents are Mr. Kho Tyoun Khay and Mrs.Tan Kwan Nio. Because of her age was far different from the first and second child, she was never close to them. For her, her older sister, who was four years older than her, was the only one who really cared about her.

My mom was quite good at school, especially in Chemistry. Her dream was being a Phsycholog someday. After finishing Junior High School in a Public School, she continued at PGRI, where she met my father. In 1981 they married and decided to move to Germany. Althought she faced many problems, she never complained. She always tries the best to reach the best.

Oh yeah, I forgot two importend sad events. It happened in 1985 and in 1994. In 1985, when my mom and dad were still in Germany, they got terrible news. Her dad had cancer. So they went home to Jakarta. But few weeks later, he died. It was very hard for my mother, espescially because she was very close to him. After that happening, they went back to Germany. Then the second tragedy, in 1994, few days before they went back to Jakarta, her mother died. The most sad thing was that she couldn’t take leave from her. Those two tragedies made her very upset for some years.

Now she has four lovely children who love her so much because of her sacrifice for us. We know that it’s never easy being a houswife with so many children. There’re always problems. If not with us, then with my dad, but she can handle them all, and I really admire that. I admire that even more, when she told me, that she never had a mother like she always wanted. Her mother didn’t care that much about children. My mom knew that it was wrong so now she always tries to be a much better mother. A mother, who any other children may dream of! I’m also proud of her, because she raised us alone, without the help of her parents, parents in law or babysitter. I really appreciate that.

My mom is just a great mother. She gave up her dreams because of her husband and children. She has led my dad and us to become success. My mom always gives precedence to our family’s importance. For her, family is the most important thing in her life. She would do everything to make us happy, to make us feel safe. I love her and I’m very proud of her. I always try to make her happy and not to disappoint her. She is the most important person in my life, and I really thank Jesus, because He gave me such a special mother.

Autumn Slay from from Molino, , Florida, United States of America - - 3/14/2008 8:33:41 AM
My hero is: mother . she is my hero because she is always incouraging me to persue my dreams i love my mommey. she is the bimb diggity best of all people.

Sylvia Austin from from Muskegon, , MI, US- - 12/17/2007 9:48:47 PM
My hero is: Alexis Goggins. I am nominating Alexis Goggins for a young hero award for saving her mothers life as shown in this Associated Press article: I don't know Alexis but it's mentioned in the article that the police aren't sure if she meant to sheild her mother from the bullets because of the disabilities she has. Having worked with children with disabilities, I know that just because a child has epilepsy and is learning disabled because of it, that it doesn't mean that she doesn' know a dangerous situation. She made a conscious decision to do what she did. Her crying out "don't hurt my mommy" proves it. Even though she has already had a stroke at a young age, kids are very resilient and their brains grow at a faster rate. That little girl has seen enough TV to know that a person can kill with the use of a handgun and knew that her mommy was in a perilous situation. There are many people who have epilepsy and depending on the severity of the epilepsy and fctors such as environment and other disabilities limit people in their lives to whatg they can and can't do. Many poeple you wouldn't even know had epilepsy unless they told you or you witnessed them having a seizure. Alexis has a very bright future ahead of her and should be given the key to her city by her city mayor and honored by the police and fire departments there. Thank You, Sylvia A.Austin, Michigan

Mike from from New York, , NYC, USA- - 5/30/2007 10:12:58 PM
My hero is: My Mother. My mom has always been there for me, even at times when I don't deserve it. She's a great cook and the worlds number one problem solver. Mom you rock my life!

Michael Beard from from Brownwood, , Texas, United States- - 5/16/2007 6:40:01 AM
My hero is: Mom. My mom is the greatest I love you mom

Britany Hoy from from Wabash, , Indiana, North America- - 5/16/2007 5:04:16 AM
My hero is: Holly Cordill. because she is always there for me and when I go to her to tell her personal things she doesn't lecture me or ridicule me. She also tells me things that she doesn't tell anyone else.

Jackie Hope from from Apoka, , F.L., us- - 5/14/2007 5:05:29 AM
My hero is: My Mom.. Reason why she is my hero is because she helps me when ever I'm not feeling good. And because shes always there for me!

jennifer from from san jose, , c.a, usa- - 5/11/2007 9:57:16 AM
My hero is: my mom. because she sacrifices for us

Sara from from wichita, , kansas, united states of america- - 5/10/2007 5:09:42 PM
My hero is: Leslie. My mom is my hero because shes always been there when I needed her the most. Like times when i'm not sure what to do she comes and guides me through so I can see my way. She cares for me when I need her the most. When I make disicions thet i'm not sure to make i ask her and she helps me to under stad what I'm getting myself into but she does let me make my own. And with her help I lean valuble lessons. I love my mom so much. I dont want another mom to choose from becuase i know that I wil choose her no matter what. My mom is my greatest hero of all. Thats how my mom is my hero!!!!!!!!!. My mom means everything in the world to me and I would not give her up for nothing ever!!!!not even athoused dollers . I wouldnt give her up for all the money in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I LOVE MY MOM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Corrine from from Cary, , NC, USA- - 4/14/2007 12:45:34 PM
My hero is: My mother, Mary. My mother recently died after a ten year challenge with Alzheimer's. I was her full-time caregiver. She came to love me as a daughter, not realizing I was indeed her biological daughter. Whatever the diminishing of her brain, there was still the ever-expanding dimensions of her heart. When we once lost everything in a hurricane, she said to me, "We're fine. No one died. For us this isn't a tragedy; it's only an annoying adventure." She was so beautiful in every way, and still is, for I feel her spirit strongly. Years ago, one Mother's Day my mother had been rushed to the hospital to give birth to me. In her normal years, she would express how blessed a gift that was to her. I hope I was. I only know how precious and wonderful her presence was to me.

Kaylie Baker from from SF, , Califorina, USA- - 3/20/2007 7:19:20 PM
My hero is: My mom. My mom is my hero because she is smart, nice, cool. She is like my best friend. I tell her about my secrets, my grades, and my friends. One time me and my friend had a fight and she helprd us save our friendship. She is the coolest mom ever. She used to be a doctor,but know she is a teacher a this college. My mom taught me alot of things before going to middle school and I got into Honor Class, I'm serious she really did help me get into Honor Class, and for every quarter I get 4.00 for my GPA! I'm also in GATE program and I go to the top middle school in SF, it is Presidio Middle School!I love my mom!

DEMEITTA M. WESLEY from from PINE BLUFF, , ARKANSAS, USA- - 1/15/2007 5:31:39 AM
My hero is: My mother. She dedicated her life to loving and taking care of me and my five siblings. She taught me many valuable lessons that will continue to carry me on each day that I live without her. May she rest in peace. Deborah A. Wesley.

naava from , MN, USA- - 12/27/2006 5:56:09 AM
My hero is: my parents. My parents have been through a lot. My mom was [is] depressed and my father had to deal with it. Even though my mother was [is] depressed, she still manages to be the best there ever was. I love you mom and dad! Even though i get crabby a lot and i DON'T show it much, does not mean I DON'T LOVE YOU! Because the truth of the matter is, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW.

Audie Siegel from from Austin, , Texas, United States- - 12/26/2006 2:54:26 PM
My hero is: My Mother, Sharon. To the lady who said it before on this website, I salute you, as my mother is "My Rock." Audie

Tiffany from from , , , - - 12/21/2006 3:14:47 AM
My hero is: My mother Joan. She is my hero because she takes really good care of me. MAkes sure I don't get hurt by anyone or anything. If you are reading this Mom I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE you lots: ~Tiffany Lynn~ XOXOXOXOX

Siobhan Rust from from Diamond Springs, , CA, Placerville- - 11/2/2006 7:03:08 AM
My hero is: My mom. She is my hero because she is the most sweetest woman in the world. She has been through so much in the last 16 years taking care of me each and every day. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is my prize procession and there’s nothing in this world that will drag me away from her. She even risked her life for me when she was 28, when she was giving birth to me. She almost most lost me on the day that I was born. I wasn’t breathing and I didn’t have a very strong pulse and the doctors thought that I was going to die. She decided to call me Siobhan because it means ‘Princess of Miracles’. I have and always will love her for the rest of my life.

Blanca Aca from from Bridgeport, , CT, USA- - 6/12/2006 8:34:00 AM
My hero is: My family. They have always been by my side and they love me just as I love them. They are also fun to play with. With 7 kids and a mom and dad, who wouldn't be happy?

Thayrone Dias Veloso from from Bridgeport, , CT, - - 6/12/2006 4:15:00 AM
My hero is: My parents -Eufrasia,Osvando. My heroES are my parents.They are my heroES because my mom helps me with my homework and she cooks for us. My dad is my hero because he works hard for us and he when it is the summer he takes me, my mom,sister,and my brother,to Brazil. They both love us. When I'm sick my parents help me get better.That's why I think my parents are my heroes.

Leila from from dubai, , , U.A.E- - 5/16/2006 8:25:00 PM
My hero is: My Grandmother. My hero is my grandmother because she always waches my back,helpes others,brings me to where I need to go but more importanty she will always always LOVE ME!she lets me cook with her.

My grandmother helpes my aunt Jen by babysitting my cousins 2 days a week,My grandmother works as a nurse she likes being a nures beacuase she gets to help sick a sufering people.

My grandmother was born in Colombia.She has 4 brothers and 4 sisters.She liked living in colombia beacuase she has lots of brothers,sisters and tons of cousins.

Her hero is her father beacuase he teaches people about life and love.She thinks the characteristics of a hero are fun,fair,nice,strong,stern, loveing and a good chris- tian.

rhonda caesar from from baltimore, , maryland, - - 5/14/2006 2:49:00 AM
My hero is: Elveta Cesar. my hero is my aunt elveta caesar. when i was 4 my mother died. my aunt was in her golden years but took on the burden of raising me and my two siblings and I. she promised my father on his death bed that she would always take care of us and she did. She adopted the three of us and loved us the way only a mother could. we took her through so much but she never gave up on us. she was there for us through everything that we would have needed a mother for. if she hadn't taken us from the lifestyle we were living only god knows where we would be.

shantelle hunter from from holiday, , florida, us- - 4/19/2006 6:18:00 AM
My hero is: my grandma . because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she is still living, but I would give so much for her. She is a strong and intelligent woman and I am so proud of her for making it this far!

wendy from from new york, , new york, new york- - 4/18/2006 10:12:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. she takes care of me

brenna from from adams, , wisconson, U.S.- - 4/18/2006 6:09:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. because she saved me!

tyler schultz from from adams, , wisconsin, USA- - 4/18/2006 5:48:00 AM
My hero is: mom. she has been there for me

Bridget from from Seattle, , WA, USA- -
My hero is: My Mom(Mary Anne Williams). I love my mom because she's the best mom-star in the world. She makes my dinner and picks up my clothes. SHE IS THE COOLEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

mariama conteh from from Freetown, , western/wa, sierra leone- -
My hero is: My Mother. My name is Marine Conteh. I attended the United Methodist Secondary School for Girls. I am in JSS II, and I am also a member OF IEARN. My hero is my mother. I choose her to be my hero because she is the one who is taking such good care of me. I love her. I love my mother so much because she has taught me the greatest things in life. The day the I was born, she began teaching me.

Rickeya Neal from from , , , - - 4/12/2006 7:18:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. Because my mom Margaret Garcia,she does the best that she can do to provide all the things that me and my younger siblings would need to go on in life.I love her so much for doing that.

Lydia Delgadillo from from Racine, , WI, USA- - 4/11/2006 7:52:00 AM
My hero is: My Mom Luisa Baza. My mom is my hero because she went through alot and she does so much things for us and she rarely thinks about herself and she is really cool with us like if she was my own friend which she is she is my #1 best friend I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

jessica Joplin from from racine, , wi, usa- - 4/11/2006 7:51:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. she loves me and tries to do the best she can 4 me and she spoils me

Joe from from New York, , NY, USA- - 4/10/2006 4:40:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. shes cool

Jasmine L. Albert from from Baton Rouge, , LA, US- - 4/7/2006 7:14:00 AM
My hero is: My hero is my mother.. My mother is my hero because when I was born, I was prematurely. I was two pounds, three ounces, and I wasn't expected to live long or to do anything with my life. The doctors gave up hope on me, but gratefully, my mother did not do the same. She was told that I would be mentally retarded, and that I would be smaller than the other children in my class, and I would be a hard child to deal with. My mother heard the doctors' words, but she refused to listen to them. With strength, and God's will, my mother made me into someone that the doctors would call a "medical miracle." Not only am I not mentally retarded, I am classified as a gifted student, and am currently enrolling in a class that will qualify me for the National Merit Scholarship Qualification. Amazingly, I am not smaller than any of my peers, I am truly, "bigger" in some forms than them. Anyways, I am blessed with my mother; she is my rock, and I love her.

James from from Bellingham, , WA, United States- - 4/6/2006 11:13:00 AM
My hero is: My mom. She has always been there for me

Felicia from from Ferndale, , WA, United States- - 4/6/2006 11:06:00 AM
My hero is: My mom. My mom's my hero because before she had me, my father left us. 2 years later she was remarried and I got a sister. 10 years later my stepdad left us too. She's been single for a while now and just recently lost her job. Through all of this my mother still has stayed strong. I love her and she will always be my hero!!!!!

Tamala from from Ferndale, , Washington, United Stated- - 4/6/2006 11:05:00 AM
My hero is: My Grandmother. She is my hero because she was always there for me until the day she died. Even when she was sick she was always selfless and took care of me before herself.

DeAna Kirscheman from from Ferndale, , Washington, United States - - 4/6/2006 11:03:00 AM
My hero is: My mom. She's always there for me! She is always doing something, and she keeps 5 jobs, but still has time for me! My mother is my hero.....she is an amazing person!!!

Brittany from from Bellingham, , WA, - - 4/6/2006 11:00:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. Because she is always there for me and forgives me for everthing i do and helps me to be a better person and learn what is right and what is wrong

Vivian from from orlando, , florida , united states- - 4/6/2006 4:32:00 AM
My hero is: My Mother. My mother is my hero because she is always there for me with the good and the bad times. She always stands up for me and never lets me down.

Chellsea Ward from from MiddleBurg Hts, , ohio, america- - 4/5/2006 6:54:00 AM
My hero is: Reese Witherspoon. Reese is my hero because shes a great Actress and a devoted mother. I think she is well trained in acting and caring for her daughter.

jessica from from tiffin, , ohio, seneca- - 4/4/2006 6:43:00 PM
My hero is: my grandmother. she helps me and she acually listens to me and she helps me learn for the future

Ciera Thomas from from east brunswick, , New Jersey , USA - - 4/3/2006 6:15:00 AM
My hero is: my mommy. she has been here through thick and thin. I love her to death!!! she is the best mommy in the world and no one can top her!!!!

CC from from , , , - - 3/29/2006 8:29:00 AM
My hero is: My MOMMY!. She is loving and caring.

Christiana from from Mississauga, , Ontario, Canada- - 3/29/2006 8:22:00 AM
My hero is: My MOM. She is my hero because she is helpful, kind and caring.

Vista from from Laguna Beach, , CA, USA- - 3/29/2006 7:47:00 AM
My hero is: My mother. because she is amazing and a great speaker.

Katelyn Gieseke from from New Port Richey , , Florida , United States of America- - 3/29/2006 6:24:00 AM
My hero is: My Hero is my mommy. My hero is my mom because, when I was little she saved me from drounding in the ocean. Just thinking about it ,that day it makes me feel so happy that I am a live right I am saying thank you right now ,I love you mommy.And I also want to thank my mommy for saving my little brother, Kyle, when he was drowning in a pool.And for never giving up on me when I was down. I Love you forever, mom.

Jamie Quinn from from holiday, , florida, united states- - 3/29/2006 6:11:00 AM
My hero is: My Mommy. my mommy is my hero because she is hard working and she does her best to make my family happy. She is also my hero because if she didn't adopt me i would be living on the streets because my biological mom is in prision right now. My mom has 4 children 1 is her biological child but the other 3 are adopted and those are my blood sisters my mom took in my older sister when she was 6 months then i came around and she took me. and my youngest sister came around about three years ago and my mom took her in. Me and 2 my sisters are blood related we are blood sisters i love my mommy she is awsome who knos where i would be with out her?

alyssa from from ville-emard, , qc, can- - 3/27/2006 7:59:00 AM
My hero is: my mom. my mom saved me from getting hit by a car!

Jonathan Howard from from holiday, , florida, u.s.a- - 3/27/2006 7:50:00 AM
My hero is: my mom . my mom is my hero because she's always there for me. She helps me with my work when I need it. She never gives up on me and she is the best person in the world. Who? My mom

Katelyn Gieseke from from , , , - - 3/24/2006 8:02:00 AM
My hero is: Heather Fox (my mommy). My mommy is my hero because, she once saved my life. She saved me from drowning in a pool when I was 2 years old. From there on we have been so close.