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by BT from San Diego

Any movie fan would definitely know the legendary actor, Harrison Ford, for his many roles including Indiana Jones and Han Solo, but many don't know him as a hero. What most fans might have not known is that, along with his movies, he is a real-life hero as well. It took many years of hard work and dedication for Ford to get to where he is today. It wasn't always easy for him, but he never gave up hope. Harrison Ford was born on July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the son of an advertising executive and a stay-at-home mother. His school life was rough because he didn't have many friends and was always targeted by school bullies. Later in life, Ford studied English and Philosophy at Ripon College in Wisconsin. He eventually decided to drop out of college to pursue becoming an actor. In the beginning, his acting career didn't turn out to well, so he decided to become a carpenter instead, but he never completely gave up in acting. His big break finally came in 1977 when George Lucas cast him as Han Solo in Star Wars. In my opinion, a hero is a person who possesses courage and dedication to whatever he/she is doing. They must be a kind spirit who is willing to help others or make changes to something for the better. I believe a hero can be anyone regardless of your race, gender, age, etc. Harrison Ford possesses the courage and dedication that it takes to be a hero. If he sees something that he believes is wrong, he would swoop in and take action; or if he sees someone in need of help, he'd have absolutely no issues helping that person. I believe Harrison Ford deserves the title of a true American hero.

Harrison Ford has obviously proved to the world that he should be known as a true American hero. Harrison Ford is always looking for ways to improve nature and our population. When Haiti was in trouble and looking for help, Ford was there with a helicopter full of doctors. When two young citizens were lost and scared, Ford found a way to help and brought them to safety. Ford believes in the powers of charity and has provided a bunch of his time and money to make dreams a reality. The day Ford gives up on his great deeds, will be the day he dies.

Harrison Ford has inspired me, as well as many others, by the first time I heard about the great acts he's done for our country. He makes me believe that it doesn't take too much effort to become someone's hero. He encourages me to hold on to my goals and to never give up on dreams no matter what. He sets an example for my generation and shows how important giving back to the community is. His kind acts will live on for many years in the future. Harrison Ford will live on for his great acts for our environment, even after the day he passes away. He shows us the reason why we were brought into this world and encourages everyone to give back to the community. He believes that no matter who you are, you can always make a difference to the great world we live in. I believe everyone should agree that he earned the title of being a true American hero.


Harrison Ford is an actor known for his roles as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, but many people don't realize his various acts to make the world a better place, such as how he has used his helicopter to save multiple lives. After the earthquake in Haiti, millions of people were devastated and were looking for ways to help. Harrison Ford thought of a brilliant idea that would change the lives of the victims in Haiti. "After battling three days of adverse weather conditions between Los Angeles and Miami during last week's winter storm, Ford made several trips over a two-day period to a remote dirt landing strip in Haiti, delivering a team of 20 volunteers that included plastic surgeons, an orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologists, and eight nurses, along with critical medical supplies." (Harrison Ford's Haiti Relief Flights). Harrison Ford knew how to make a difference and he had no problem doing it. He truly made a difference to the citizens of Haiti and has proved that no one should ever give up hope. Harrison Ford has been a major role mode to the kids of Haiti who lost a lot in the devastating earthquake. He was there in a time of need and helped with whatever was needed of him. He has proved that giving a certain amount of your time to a good cause can go a long way.

Harrison Ford not only rescues enormous groups of people, like he did in Haiti, but he'd also assist individuals in a time in need. The first time, he rescued a 22 year-old dehydrated woman from atop a large mountain. The second time was with a 13 year-old boy in Yellowstone National Park. "Ford spotted Clawson about five miles from camp at 8:30 a.m. and landed nearby to pick him up. The boy, who was clad in a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals, was cold, wet, and hungry after spending a night in the rain-soaked wilderness." (Harrison Ford to the Rescue Again). It doesn't take too much effort to make a difference in someone's life, and Harrison Ford knows that. An action as small as stopping a vehicle and helping this boy not only changed his life, but it also changed Ford's. Ford always seizes an opportunity when it comes to him and that is exactly what he did in this situation. He sets a great example for the younger generation and shows what the human race should be all about. Harrison Ford sets an example of what a true American hero is. His various kind acts and thoughts about others makes me appreciate noble humans and their various acts to make the world a better place.

Harrison Ford won't stop at the multiple rescues he's made with his piloting skills. His additional work for multiple foundation earned him the title of a humanitarian award winner. Harrison Ford has been involved in a total of 16 charities, but he truly has a passion for the environment. In 1991, he was introduced to Conservation International, which is one of the world's leading environmental research groups. Ford is currently in the executive committee of this foundation. "I was looking for a way to give back," he explained to the Epoch Times. "What kept my support is their success and the inventiveness of their strategies." He calls the battle for conservation 'a war without an evil enemy' and believes that it can be won. 'What we do today will set the course and the example for generations to come.'" (Look to the Stars: The World of Celebrity Giving). This foundation provides a fund for scientists in over thirty countries to identify and overcome biodiversity threats. It focuses its efforts on wilderness areas, marine areas, and major wetlands, in hopes to conserve the Earth's living heritage, our global biodiversity and demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature. Harrison Ford has tons of faith for this foundation and has spent a bunch of his time and money to make this charity a success and he will not give up till his ultimate goal for this charity occurs.

Ford not only serves in Conservation International; he also is a part of Young Eagles, a program designed to give children a chance to fly in an aircraft for free. "One of the wonderful things about aviation is that freedom and responsibility are great things for kids to be exposed to," he told Airport Journals. "To be able to see the world in a three-dimensional way, and to give them a sense of the possibility that they might enjoy that freedom themselves, if they work for it." (Look to the Stars: The World of Celebrity Giving). Since Young Eagles began in 1992, it has flown over 1.3 million children, with volunteer pilots (free of charge). Ford and the rest of the people behind this foundation insist on giving these children an unforgettable experience that will certainly change their lives. Ford himself has flown over 280 children in his own time to show them the beauty of nature and the wonderful land that surrounds them every day of their lives. He educates these kids on the importance of flight and encourages them to follow their dreams as pilots and never give up. Harrison Ford is and inspiration who life consists only of his acting career, and his noble duties to make the world a safer and greater place. He is an inspiration to many and encourages the idea of having hopes and dreams and setting goals for ourselves with the determination that we can do anything that we put our mind to.

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