Mia Hamm

by Tiffani from Altoona

Do you have a hero? I do. She plays a sport called soccer. She also makes me smile when I see her on TV. Her name is Mia Hamm.

playing soccer for the very first time<br>
playing soccer for the very first time

Mia Hamm plays soccer for the Women’s National Soccer Team. She has been my hero since I was born. She is my hero because she always tries her hardest during practices and games.

She does not think she is the best soccer player in the world, but I think she is a wonderful player. Mia and the rest of the team are very talented. Her teammates have been the most important people in her life. Her jersey number is 9.

She also established the Mia Hamm Foundation to help others like Garrett, her brother. He died before one of her championship soccar games. She was very sad, but she pushed through. Mia Hamm’s hero is Louie Bonpue.

This is why I picked Mia Hamm as my hero. She cares about her fans and her family a lot. She has been my hero since I was in kindergarten and she makes me feel really GREAT.

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