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sir edmund hilary

by Pat

Sir Edmund Hillary is a hero because he climbed Mount Everest and he helped many people in Nepal. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the World. Sir Hillary was the first person to ever reach the top and come back.

Edmund Percival Hillary was born on July 20 1919 in Auckland, New Zealand. He married Louise and they had three children. Ed became interested in climbing mountains when he heard someone say two men just climbed Mount Cook in New Zealand. He, too, decided to climb Mount Cook, and he succeeded.

One of the challenges of climbing Mount Everest is crossing a crevasse. This is dangerous because you could fall down it and die. Sir Hillary also had a plan to bring a lot of oxygen to make it to the top and back. If you don’t bring enough oxygen you will die from the lack of oxygen at the top of the mountain.

Sir Hilary was brave because he didn’t give up when things were dangerous. He always showed perseverance by staying focused on the climb. Sir Edmund was also caring towards children because he built three schools in Nepal.

Sir Hilary made many contributions such as building the schools. He helped the environment by building tree nurseries that would grow trees to replace the trees that were cut down for firewood. After Ed's wife died in a plane crash, he built a hospital in Nepal. With better health care, more children lived past the age of 5. He also served as an ambassador for India, Pakistan, and Nepal for New Zealand.

Hilary made so many people happy by making a difference in their lives. He was very brave and never gave up the goal he was working towards. Edmund Hillary is best known for being the first man to climb and reach the top of Mount Everest But I would like to tell you some contributions he made in Nepal. Mount Everest is located very close to Nepal. He built three schools in Nepal for children to be educated. In those times there were no schools. He built tree farms in Nepal because people were cutting down trees to make fire wood to keep them warm during the winter months. Also he built a hospital in Nepal that helped boys and girls live past the very young age of five. I think Edmund Hillary is a brave man.

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