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Sir Edmund Hillary

by Fan Hin from Cedar Grove

Wilfred A. Peterson once said, “Explore your mind, discover yourself, then give the best that is in you to your age and to your world. There are heroic possibilities waiting in every person.” Every person can be a hero as long as they are willing to work toward their goal and they have great qualities like compassion, devotion, and are extraordinary. Heroes are great role models, and many people admire them. Heroes, from inventors to family members, have unique abilities that they can use to help other people and make a difference. Sir Edmund Hillary is a hero from New Zealand who is a great mountain climber.

Sir Edmund Hillary was born in Auckland, New Zealand on July 20, 1919. He was involved in World War II as a Royal New Zealand navigator after he was inspired to climb mountains by a school trip to Mount Ruapehu. Edmund first climbed the Alps and eventually the Himalayas. Later, Hillary decided to climb Mount Everest, and he did it with the help of Tenzing, a Nepalese guide.

After climbing Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in England. His wife and daughter died in a plane crash, but later he remarried. Hillary decided to help the Nepalese by building clinics, hospitals, two air strips, and schools in Nepal. Later, Sir Edmund Hillary convinced the Nepalese Government to create Everest National Park because he was very concerned about the environment. Edmund also led the first mechanized South Pole expedition. He is still involved in environmental causes today.

Sir Edmund Hillary is my hero because he has wonderful personality traits of a hero. Hillary is very compassionate because he helped the Nepalese people greatly. Edmund once said, “We didn’t know if it was humanly possible to reach the top of Mount Everest,” but he still reached the top. He was very determined to reach his goal. Sir Edmund Hillary is an extraordinary role model.

In summary, anyone can be a hero if they have great qualities. Even a pet can be a hero if it has a goal that it works hard to reach. Sir Edmund Hillary, a mountain climber from New Zealand, is my hero. He had a goal that he tried extremely hard to reach. If you have a goal that you work toward, even you can be a hero like Sir Edmund Hillary.

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