Jack Johnson

by Savannah from Hawaii

<a href=>This is a picture of Jack Johnson</a>
This is a picture of Jack Johnson

My hero is not a war hero, a family member, or a lifesaver. My hero is a musician and earthkeeper. He is someone who loves nature and loves to protect it. He is a special person to me, but a lot of people have never heard of him. My hero is Jack Johnson.

Jack has contributed to the Kokua Festival, Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, and the Red Cross. He lives on the island of Oahu on the North Shore. Jack’s songs raise awareness that Hawaii will only stay lush, beautiful, and amazing if we take care of the land that we all call our own.

Jack Johnson’s tour bus now runs on bio-diesel fuel, a fuel that is safe for the environment and can be reused. He comes to schools to tell kids about the land and how we should take care of it. He produces sing-a-longs that teach kids and keep them aware while they’re having fun.

Jack Johnson raised $65,000 for the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina. He raised a total of $122,835.05 from touring money. He funds many things like the Kokua Foundation, a foundation that sponsors “Aina in the Schools,” a program that lets kids plant and farm crops at their school.

I think Jack Johnson is a great hero and definitely a great person. He is a role model, courageous and very smart. I hope my essay helps you understand that our world is disappearing and we have to do something about it.

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