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Juliette Gordon Low

by Tristan from North Platte

Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of girl scouts. Juliette was born on October 31, 1860 in Savanna, Georgia. Her Parents were Eleanor and William Gordon the II.

Juliette went to several boarding schools and she grew up in Savanna, Georgia. Her hobbies were going on adventures. Juliette also loved to go hunting.

Juliette was famous because she was the founder of Girl Scouts. Sir Robert Powell helped Juliette succeed in creating Girl Scouts. Juliette didn’t know that she would become the founder of Girl Scouts. Juliette was not prepared to take the responsibility of founding Girl Scouts. Juliette went to Virginia for college at Stuart Hall. Juliette got married to William Billow on December 29, 1886 at the age of 26 on Juliette’s parents anniversary! They didn’t have any children.

Juliette founded Girl Scouts so the girls in her city would stop sneaking into boy scouts! Her contribution to society was to create something to help the world, yet have fun. Juliette did invent the society of Girl Scouts. The effect Juliette has on others is to keep the tradition of Girl Scouts alive. On October 28, 1979 Juliette was put in the Women’s Hall of Fame.

Fern G. Brown wrote about Juliette because she created a program that is so amazing. The most impressive thing Juliette did was change the world by creating Girl Scouts. Juliette inspired me because now I want to be a Girl Scout leader, and follow in her footsteps. Also Juliette has 2 nicknames, Little Ship and Daisy. Sadly Juliette died in Savanna,Georgia,on January 17,1927 because of Tuberculosis.

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