John McConnell

by Joanne Tawfilis

"The world of tomorrow is not foreordained to be either good or bad...rather it will be what we make it." - John McConnell
90 year old John McConnell, viewing MY HERO's mural in his honor
90 year old John McConnell, viewing MY HERO's mural in his honor

John McConnell, a very humble 91 year young incredible human being, will celebrate his 92nd birthday in Laguna Beach this year. He continues his fight for environmental education and awareness.

Earth Day 2005, Denver, Colorado
Earth Day 2005, Denver, Colorado

Mr. McConnell originated and developed the Earth Charter along with famous anthropologist, Margaret Meade, long before so much attention has been focused on preserving Mother Earth. He made a valiant effort during the Iran Hostage situation to try to get then President Jimmy Carter to adopt the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring) designated as Earth Day because it is also the Persian New Year or norooz, believing that this gesture would help facilitate the return of the hostages.

President Carter did not respond to Mr. McConnell's appeal and later political powers somehow managed to get April 22nd proclaimed as World Environment Day, which MOST people confuse as Earth Day. The REAL Earth Day, as proclaimed and adopted by the UN is the exact moment when spring begins or what is known as the vernal equinox.

Mr. McConnell also founded one Moment For Peace, which occurs each year on December 22nd, as well as the Earth Society Foundation, which is located in New York and organizes the annual ringing of the Peace Bell and other bells throughout the world on Earth Day. The only other time the UN Peace Bell is rung is on September 21st--International Day of Peace.

<a href=>Anna and John McConnell</a>
Anna and John McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. McConnell live humbly in Denver, Colorado and live and practice an earth-friendly daily living pattern as living examples of not wasting precious resources.

Mr. McConnell represents the kind of global citizen and kindred spirit that actively lives his beliefs, has given of himself and his family in a most unselfish, humble, and caring manner, to do something about keeping Mother Earth healthy and safe.

He has made a difference in my life to the extent that the Art Miles Mural Project created a special "MY HERO" mural, depicted on this site to honor him. His spirit and continuous advocacy inspire us to work in support of the great principles he established in the Earth Charter, as well as by his own living example.

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John McConnell's Earth Flag in orbit on Russia's Mir Space Station, with Russian cosmonauts Talgat Musabaev and Nikolai Budarin, 1998

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John McConnell, founder of EARTH DAY, was honored on March 20th, 2007 in Laguna Beach, California on EARTH DAY. The city of Laguna Beach adopted the Earth Charter and issued its Proclamation to become an "Earth Trustee City."