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by Bruno Fernandes from Brazil

Amyr Klink: A man with a dream
A picture of Amyr Klink <br>(<br>/chat/adventure/_amyrklink.jpg)
A picture of Amyr Klink

Amyr Klink was an explorer, an adventurer, dreamer and father. He was born in São Paulo, on September 25, 1955. Ever since he was child, he already had a different hobby from other kids: while they liked to play soccer, or hide-and-seek, Amyr Klink liked to sail with his parents along the Brazilian coast near the city of Paraty (RJ). When he was 10 years old, and in 1974, he started to practice canoeing. Some people said that he was crazy, but he never gave up.

After some time, Klink decided to do something he had never tried before. He crossed the sea from Salvador (BA) to Fernando de Noronha in his canoe "Solitário." However, he wanted more. He wanted to do something no one ever dreamed. He did it. From Paraty with only his canoe, a few supplies and lots of courage Amyr Klink crossed the South Atlantic in 100 days and reached South Africa.

A picture of the polar vessel Paratii<br> (<br>/images/amyr2_1.jpg)
A picture of the polar vessel Paratii

A few years later, in 1989, he decided to go to the poles to explore them. With his men, he built his "polar vessel" called Paratii and after sailing for 642 days and 27,000 miles from Antarctica he reached the North Pole. He wrote two books about this trip "Paratii- Between Two Poles" and “The windows of Paratii."

After some time of waiting, he faced his hardest challenge: go around the frozen continent alone and complete the circumnavigation there. After 79 days, facing the cruel winter and raging winds, he finished it. He wrote another book after that: "Endless Sea."

He is my hero because he fought against everything and everyone to fulfill his dream and he did it. Even being called crazy, he always faced the rages of nature and won. Now he is rich, famous, has 2 beautiful daughters and is happy with his life.

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