L. Alex Wilson

by Lenon from Las Vegas

L. Alex Wilson (
L. Alex Wilson (

A man who doesn't show fear at the worst times is someone who deserves recognition. Alex Wilson resembled that but was never recognized for his part. He worked as a newspaperman but everybody treated him as if he robbed a store and had a bounty on him. He never did anything wrong yet they still stereotyped him. He never cared about what other people thought though, he knew he was a newspaperman and he did his job. He was a newspaperman.

As a young child he wanted to become a journalist. As a young man he made the choice to run from the Ku Klux Klan in Florida. He then went to Arkansas where he would worked 80 hours a week as a newspaperman. He was beaten on September 23, 1957 by a mob of white men while he was walking with the Little Rock Nine. Later in 1960 he died at the age of 51 where some say he had Parkinson's disease. He lived a good life but sadly wasn't able to witness his vision he had in his dream.

The early morning of September 23, 1937 the Little Rock Nine were getting ready for school and was accompanied by Wilson and another man. Wilson was well dressed with a hat and suit with dress shoes. They were met by a group of white men and they started to get violent. They started to say some things which Wilson just ignored but that just made the mob angrier. Soon they started throwing items such as rocks and bottles but still Wilson ignored. Wilson's hat was knocked off his head and someone jumped on him. People helped remove the guy off him and Wilson slowly walked off. He never showed fear or ran away he stayed calm and collected.

Alex Wilson had a dream or vision that he would see blacks being treated equally and not have to witness racism. He wanted to know that if he walks outside he would be respected instead of beaten. He wanted to sit next to other colored skin people instead of in a police car or ambulance. Sadly he wasn't able to witness this dream but it was able to come true but some places are still working it out. If Wilson was alive today he would be proud of what has happened to America.

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