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Charles Lindbergh

by Robert from Sycamore Jr. High

Charles with his plane the Spirit of Saint Louis <br>( profile/lindbergh01.html)
Charles with his plane the Spirit of Saint Louis
( profile/lindbergh01.html)

Imagine being the first person ever to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. No one has ever done this and you are finally going to. This is what Charles Lindbergh did. He flew across the ocean. Not only did he do this, but many other things he did cause him to be considered a hero.

Charles was born on February 4, 1902. Failing college in Madison,Wisconsin, Charles moved to Nebraska to get a career in aviation. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh would fly solo in his monoplane called "Spirit of Saint Louis" from New York to Paris. Fame followed him all the way back from Paris. It also followed him around the nation on his tour to promote aviation. In 1939, he went to tour in Mexico. There he met then later married the Ambassador’s daughter, Anne Morrow.

Chalres Lindbergh in uniform. ( history/people/lind.html)
Chalres Lindbergh in uniform. ( history/people/lind.html)

After his son Charles' death in 1932, Charles Lindbergh went to Europe to help the children there. Charles came back just before WW II and became a leader in an isolationist America First movement. He tried to keep America out of war. He was branded a traitor and he went to Europe and was awarded a medal by the Nazis.

If Charles Lindbergh were to be described by one of T.A Barron’s types of heroes he would be a hero to near and far. He was this kind of hero because he traveled to many places and became a hero in all of them. He was a hero in New York, Paris, Mexico and many other places. He was a hero in New York and Paris because he flew across the Atlantic Ocean to both of those places. He was a hero in Mexico because he married the ambassador’s daughter. He was a hero to his wife and children. He also was a hero to the children he helped in Europe. Some heroic qualities he had were courage and hope. It took courage to be the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. It took hope to fly and to be a leader in the isolationist army.

Charles Lindbergh flew across the ocean, lead a movement, and helped kids in Europe. Those things he did made him a hero. I hope this makes you believe you can do anything and to be courageous and have hope.

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