Martin Luther King Jr.

by Zermeena from Peshawar, Pakistan

<a href=>Martin Luther King's March on Washington</a>
Martin Luther King's March on Washington

Martin Luther King Jr., an American black, is not just my hero, but also the hero of all the blacks. He lived from January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968. He was an honest, brave man who declared that racial equality should be given to the blacks. He helped the blacks gain their civil rights. Segregation is painful and unfair. He was very, very strong and never gave up. He believed in freedom and equal rights. In those days the blacks were treated like they were nothing. They were not given the rights to participate in society as equals. Martin thought this was wrong and strongly wanted this to stop. He said that when we get a cut on any part of the body, it bleeds red and doesn't that prove that everyone is the same? He thought that blacks are as good as whites - similar to how Isabella Baum thought that women were as good as men, which is true. Martin was a very strong member of the civil rights movement and knew the true meaning of love, and I know that because his speech, "I have a dream," was very emotional and all about blacks and whites getting along. He wanted peace in the world and for everyone to work together if there was a problem.

At the age of 35, he was the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin wondered why blacks were not treated respectfully. They were humans too. That's why you should always treat others the way you want to be treated. Martin L. King Jr. was a very hard worker and put lots of effort into all his work. On the buses only the whites were allowed to sit when it was crowded. Imagine having to stand in the bus while others got to sit! What would life be like? Miserable, horrible, disgusting??? It would hurt in every way, emotionally, physically. Well, that's why we should be thankful to have such a hero (Martin L. King Jr.) who did so much to save us from racial inequality and much more.

The only thing which should be divided by colors is laundry. All humans are like a pencil; we are all the same but come in different colors. Martin proved to the world that just one person can make a huge difference in the world. If Martin L. King Jr. was still alive today, he would show everyone the true meaning of peace. He wanted people to share, cooperate and accept each other. Accept. Accept the way people are and appear. He didn't look at people's skin color, he looked at their personality. The world should work together and get along.

I hope Martin L. King's dream is successful. A hero is someone you look up to, a hero is someone who has inspired you, a hero is a role model, a hero is someone who has done something that has impressed you, a hero will always be a hero, a hero will do nothing to harm anyone, a hero is beautiful in every way. Heroes come and go but will never be forgotten. A hero belongs to everyone. A hero is kindhearted. My hero is Martin L. King Jr. He does not have to be everyone's hero, but he is my hero because he has inspired me. For all these reasons, Martin L. King Jr. is MY HERO!!!

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