Maria del Carmen Rojas Sanchez

by Karen Josselyn from Tampico

When you hear the word "hero" you always think about superheroes in comics, but you don’t realize the real meaning of this word. This word really means someone that is with you in the good times and the bad times, and helps you regardless of whether he or she is busy, or has something else to do.

Maria del Carmen Rojas Sanchez is my hero and is also my mom. She was born in Cuidad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Her mother, Adela Sanchez, and her father, Alejandro Rojas, took care of her until she married Roman de la Cruz. With him, she had two daughters, my sister named Karina Janeth de la Cruz Rojas, and me.

I consider her my hero because I know she has faced many problems. I can’t mention everything, but some of them are: the loss of her baby named Ilse del Carmen, and having had to take care of her father who had Plumb’s cancer and suffered until his last day. More recent problems are: her brother's accident, which caused him to lose one eye and become blind, and what I consider one of the most difficult things in her life: taking care of her mother who has Alzheimer's. Carmen Rojas also faced some problems in the professional sector. For example, she had one boss that fired her because of her pregnancy, and she eventually lost that child.

Not all things in her life have been bad, though. There have been many good things including all the great jobs she has had at the various schools she has worked in, such as: El Estradito in Michoacan,Mexico, el Aguila for eights years, and the Cultural Tampico Institute as a Math teacher for that middle school. Actually, she now works at my school as an assistant director in the academic administation area!

In this last school she has partaken in many contests and has earned great satisfaction from them, particularly when she won the Nuevo Amanecer contest (a Mexican contest for all school subjects) at the zone, sector and state levels.

She is not as tall or exuberant as other women, but what I admire about her the most are her organizational skills, her knowledge, her capacity to demonstrate her love, and her ability to help others no matter what the circumstances may be. Now, my hero is working and hoping to continue with her career, and still is always willing to help someone when they need it.

In conclusion, I love her and I know she loves me too, and with this text, I hope she can feel that she is not alone. I hope it can demonstrate to her how much I love her and tell her that we will fight together to face all the challenges which life and God put before us.

She is an excellent teacher, wife, mom, daughter, sister and best of all, she is an excellent friend.

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