Angels Heroes

Apostle Olubumie Syl-Macfoy

by Frank from Freetown

A Two In One Hero
Cool (Took it in church at night.)
Cool (Took it in church at night.)

A hero of heroes, a voice to this generation and a wave that blows this earth, 'tis the garment that suits the description of my hero, Apostle Olubumie Syl-Macfoy. Let it be known throughout the world that in this 21st century, there still lives a true hero that cares for humanity. Though not the world's richest, he still contributes immensely to the continuity of a peaceful and normal life through his being as a servant of the most high God. This is who my hero is.

As a true hero, my hero is a father to our generation. Apostles are known to be leaders of churches. Mine is different; not only a leader of a church he is, but as he usually says, "God has given the mandate to raise men and women that will be prominent people in all of the earth". Like a lion protects his cub, so he does protect his people. As much as he loves us, he disciplines us, shouts if he has to, jumps at us if he has to. To see us succeed is his goal and to this he has been working relentlessly. He gives his time, money and even sends some us abroad when he has the opportunity. What could be greater to a young boy like me or others of my age? He is like a husband to the widow and a wife to the widower. What more could a hero be? With all confidence and beyond all reasonable doubt, I proudly call him my hero.

On the west coast of Africa, in a very small country known as Sierra Leone, lives my hero. Too small for a hero? Well, that is what makes my hero a true hero.

A strong and healthy man he lives with the strength and courage to take along the work of his father in heaven. Not only as a spiritual leader, but also as a human with the heart of a philanthropist.

A friend once asked me "Why is this man so important to you that you consider him to be a hero?" I looked at him and I gave him this one answer which is the foundation of considering him to be my hero. My hero is a two in one hero to me. He leads and guides me spiritually and directs my life physically; he never leaves me, even when I fall. He is my two in one Hero.

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Author Info

I was Frank Wilson before I met my hero, now, I am Micah Wilson.

I am a boy who seeks to make Africa a better place, far better than she has been thought of.

A hero is hard to choose considering the amount of people that make an impact in your life everyday. But by the magnitude of the impact, we choose our heroes.

He is my hero because if I am what I am today, God used him mightily.

There are few people in this world who would love and care for a child that is not his, as if he is. I am proud that my hero is one of them.

From a boy, he took me up, raised me alongside my parents, till now he is still up on me. He never gives up on me, cautions me when I do wrong and he always tries to keep me on the path of my destiny.

He is the kind of man who would give anything to save his people. I am just one of many to whom he is a father.

Among the thousand heroes, he is my no. 1. My true hero.