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Sir Peter Blake

by Casey from Waihi

Sir Peter Blake was born on the 1st of October 1948 and died on the 5th of December 2001. Sir Peter Blake successfully led his country ( New Zealand ) to two America’s cup victories.

Peter Blake had defiantly made his mark in the past with many other cup winnings such as the Whitebread Round the World cup in 1989, the Jules Verne trophy in 1994 and also set the world's fastest time of 74 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes and 22 seconds on catamaran called Enza. In the year 1995, Peter was knighted for his services to yachting and New Zealand received an honorary doctorate in 2000 from AUT University.

Peter Blake was happily married to his loving wife Lady Pippa Blake and had two children, Sarah-Jane and James Blake, who lived back in his home town of New Zealand in the well known city of Auckland, also Sir Peter Blake's home town.

On December 5th 2001 Peter Blake was on an environmental Exploration trip in South America. Sadly he was murdered by 7 or 8 pirates, known as the Water Rats. Sir Peter was shot while attempting to defend himself and his crew, and died instantly. Two other crew members were injured, and the remaining seven were unhurt.

"Whatever the area, fulfilling one's potential requires worthwhile goals, a ruthlessness in setting standards and the courage to avoid the soft options that constantly present themselves.” A quote used by Sir Peter Blake.

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