Film Festival 2006 Painting Peace produced by Slater Jewell-Kemker

"What does Peace mean to You?"

At the beginning of 2006, a group of home-schoolers and the children of Canadian Peacekeeping Forces painted a PEACE MURAL for the ART-MILES-MURAL-PROJECT. The painting will join 12 miles of murals that will wrap around the pyramids in Egypt in 2010, the end of the United Nations Decade of Peace. This short film talks with these child painters about their ideas of Peace.

An Art Miles Mural from the Peace, Unity, and Healing Mile, (USA 2001)
An Art Miles Mural from the Peace, Unity, and Healing Mile, (USA 2001)

To me peace means love

What peace means to me is helping people There should be no violence in the world and we should talk it over with words For me peace means contentment I love my friends and my family, that’s why I think it’s peace You can keep peace in places that don’t have peace by being nice to each other Peace is : I like to be happy It means birds singing!!! Peace for me is a clean environment, trees, and people just being friendly to each other.

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MY HERO reporter Slater Jewell-Kemker receives an Earth Trustee award at the United Nations on the Spring Equinox 2007

United Nations Celebration of Earth Day 07
a short film of this event was produced by Slater Jewell-Kemker and Wendy Jewell---additional footage Mark Cavanagh

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My trip to Catalina Island
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Painting Peace
A short film by Slater Jewell-Kemker

Watch this short film about painting a Peace mural for the Art-Miles-Mural-Project.

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View Film Large (13MB) - 4 Minutes

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