Papa Lloyd

by Jenna from San Francisco

You don't need eyes to see!

My Papa was born on April 13, 1917 in San Francisco as a second generation San Franciscan. He played baseball at Poly Tech High School and was scouted for a semi-pro team. Instead of playing, Papa decided to join the army. He was a second lieutenant in World War II. During a training mission, a soldier threw a hand grenade and it didn't explode. Papa Lloyd went to check it and it exploded. He was injured and became blind. Papa had a surgery to restore some of his sight but it was unsuccessful.

Guide Dog<br>http://www.foto<br><br>bthumb/UNC/<br>UNC102/<br>u18465566.jpg
Guide Dog

When my Papa came back to San Francisco, he became part of the Blinded Veterans Association. He received his degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University. Papa worked at the Guide Dogs for the Blind and received his dog Tinka. Tinka was an extraordinary dog and when she died, my Papa no longer used a guide dog because he was too heartbroken to replace her. He then taught Braille.

He obtained a Blinded Veterans Association business license and opened a candy shop and a snack bar. He met my grandma Wanda through a blind theater group called The Shadow Players. They both had guide dogs and would walk together. My Papa was a leading man in the following plays: Night Must Fall, Harvey, Ladies in Retirement, and Kind Ladies. The Shadow Players performed at San Quentin, Calistoga, and Monterey. My grandpa and grandma had two children named Sandy and Kelli. Papa was also a step-dad to Linda.

Papa owned and operated L&W Snack/Sandwich Shop at two locations in San Francisco. He was a member of the Sunset Lions Club, which is a service club. He was also a member of the St. Gabriel's Men's Club. Papa was a huge Giants fan and attended many games. He was a great man, husband, grandpa, dad, and friend!

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