Ryan Hreljac

by Armando from California

"That's a big dream but I've learned that you can do anything if you really try hard and you really want to."
Ryan Hreljac (Yahoo Images)
Ryan Hreljac (Yahoo Images)

When one thinks of the word “Hero” they probably think of Batman and Superman, well not in this case. To see the face of such an innocent child working to put together a water well in Africa where kids don’t have water and could end up dying, while other children his age are enjoying their childhood. To me the word “Hero” means someone who isn’t afraid of doing what’s right, someone with the courage to help people fight against many life-threatening diseases like Typhoid, Intestinal Worms, and Malnourishment. Being a hero at age six makes it worthwhile because that tells me it’s never to early to start making a change.

Ryan Hreljac was born May 31, 1991. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada. In the first grade, Ryan was inspired by his teacher who taught a lesson about children in least developed countries who were dying each and everyday because of lack of having clean water. He started raising money for young children in Africa when he was just six years old. He decided to raise about $70 and thought that would be enough money to build a well. He was told that $70 would only help get them a hand pump that would clean out water but not completely, $2,000 would be needed in order to build a “real” well, Ryan never gave up.

After Ryan built the first water well in Northern Uganda he gained the support of many “Clean Water” organizations. They thought Ryan was ready for an experience that would change his life. Together they have risen over $800,000 to support clean water in Africa. Apart from working hard to help children in Africa, he is a normal boy who attends school and enjoys swimming. Ryan now at the age of sixteen is a busy eleventh grader who is on a path to success, focusing on school and giving back to his community. He is enrolled in a program called “Class Afloat” where he will be attending class while sailing on the ocean all over the world spreading his message of clean water for least developed countries. Ryan now works together with his very own corporation, Ryan’s Well. When asked about the future he says, "That's a big dream but I've learned that you can do anything if you really try hard and you really want to.”

Building of the First Water Well (Yahoo Images)
Building of the First Water Well (Yahoo Images)

Ryan Hreljac is very important because people like him are indeed needed in today’s society. Countries like Africa are in need of more people like him, Ryan has showed me how to accomplish what I want. He has showed me that it is never too early to start making a change. Ryan’s attributes have showed that a little change for someone may make a huge difference for another.

Ryan’s Well has become a worldwide success. To me Ryan is a very important person we should all remember because he will end up doing great things that will help us in the future. Ryan’s fantastic quality has helped gain popularity towards his Canadian town, and has made me realize about the real necessities of other people and how I take water for granted. People are really proud of him and he should be too. He doesn’t realize how great his success has really been. His teacher inspired him and now he inspires other people. It is all a chain effect and now he inspires people like me.

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