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Charity Workers

by Mateo from Glendale

Power is a positive force if it is used for Positive Purposes.

My Heroes are all the Charity Workers who work for the Red Cross! These individuals go out of their way to ensure that people who have had disasters in their life are taken care of. The Red Cross is a great organization, but it's the volunteers who work long and hard hours in helping to easy the pain of people who may have lost everything! It's these Volunteers who wake up early in the morning, or work late in the evening hours to help the victims. They also work by trying to raise money on their own time by holding fundraisers and events, donating very much needed money to help people in need which includes children and babies; they are the true Angels.

Another reason why I have chosen the Red Cross is because of all the charities out there in the USA, this group has helped the most, numbering in the millions. This organization is very active in recruiting and training members to do good deeds for little to no pay in some of the hardest working conditions and places on earth. Just a few of places they have made a difference in are Haiti with the Earthquake, Chile with the massive Tsunami, USA with the Tornado in Oklahoma and the peril of 9/11, China with their flooding issues, just to name a few.

It's their Employees and Volunteers who are sometimes the first responders. These folks often have to work in very harsh and terrible working conditions. They work long hours and have to subject themselves to possible diseases or illness in order to protect those in need. Raising money through fundraisers is another thing that these folks do so that they can buy food and medical supplies. They also train in the field so that after they have left, other people from the village or town can take over.

This is great organization that is world known. Their Employees and Volunteers are some of the "best of the best" because of the work that they do in helping others. The money that they raised and the work that they have performed has made such a difference in the lives of people that they can not be forgotten. A very important leader who deserves lots of credit in running this Organization is Elizabeth Dole. Mrs. Dole herself ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2000 and served as head of the American Red Cross and US Secretary of Labor and US Secretary of Transportation in the USA.

It's for these reasons that I select the American Red Cross as my Hero and I hope that one day I can volunteer and make a difference in someones life these folks do!

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