Adi Roche

by Martha from Albuquerque

Adi Roche for me is a hero because not many people care for making a better world for every one. In my opinion, everyone can be a hero if they follow their own ideas and are not afraid of what others might think. Also a hero is not afraid to risk their own lives to save others. Adi Roche is a hero to me because she has made a difference to many children. Also because not every person would leave their jobs or homes just to go volunteer and help others. I admire her because she has organized many projects to help children from many places to have a better life. She has also won awards for all the help she has given to the children. In my opinion, children are very important because we will be the future.

Adi Roche was born in 1955. She was born in Clonmel, Ireland. She is known as a founder and International Executive Director of Chernobyl Children’s Project International. She was also awarded various Franskaya Scorina Humanitarian Presidential Medals. She has also won an award for the European Woman Laureate Award. For 3 years she represented Ireland on “The Great Peace Journeys" through more than ten European countries.

Adi Roche has done many things to make the world a better place for children. She has been involved in many projects, for example she organized the first “Mercy Mission" undertaken by the Chernobyl Children's Project. She also ran for President of Ireland as a candidate for the Irish labor party. In my opinion Adi Roche made the world a better place by helping children who are orphans that were in nuclear disasters.

She also left her job in Aer Lingus Airlines to go to the Irish campaign for nuclear disarmament to volunteer. She also started Chernobyl Children’s Project when there was a disaster at the Chernobyl power plant in Russia, which was called “The world's worst man-made disaster.” At the same time she created and coordinated the first English-language documentary about the effects of Chernobyl on Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine. The documentary was called “Black wind, white land-living with Chernobyl.” It has been on national television all around the world.

Adi Roche dedicates her life to work on making a world a better place for children. It’s admirable in my opinion because not just anyone leaves their job to volunteer helping children. She has also been awarded many times for the projects she has made possible for children who have been in nuclear disasters. I chose Adi Roche as my hero because I think it’s nice of her to travel to many places just to help others.

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