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Stephen Robert Irwin

by Joey from New Brunswick

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Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin was not afraid to tackle what he loved the most. Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962. He died on September 4, 2006. Steve Irwin’s father was a crocodile hunter when Steve was born. At 5 Steve would go with his father to hunt crocodiles. He would run and follow his father. When he got older he got married and his wife loved to do the same things as him.

Steve Irwin is my hero because he taught me to do anything that I want to do even if it is complicated. Steve Irwin never gave up even when he was doing complicated things like trapping crocodiles. For example when my dog ran away I never gave up looking for him. There are many individuals I could have chosen as a hero but I chose Steve Irwin because of his determination and great personality. Rest In Peace.

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